Need modem wifi to extend further?

Can TWC expand my wifi or making it stronger? Sorry I'm tech illiterate.

Currently having vandalism problems in our parking garage which is about 45-50 feet below our apartment. ( we live on second floor) a technician from RING told us he was amazed my modem wifi hit downstairs but was not enough power. He needs it to be stronger. It's an old apartment building but what other options Am I looking at?
Someone said buy a new 300.00 router others said boosters or extenders or APs. I can't run lines downstairs or is there neither outlets downstairs.

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Re: Need modem wifi to extend further?

What router do you have now? Are there items close by (microwave oven, cordless phone, baby monitor, fluorescent lighting, etc.)  causing interference?


The all in one combo modem/routers given out as leases tend to have the weakest wifi signal/range. You'll get the best range using a stand alone router with 4 or more big ugly antenna like the Linksys WRT1900.

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Re: Need modem wifi to extend further?

After you get done buying the new router AND figuring out how you will power the video camera without having a power outlet, you'll also want to place the router where it has a clear line of sight to the camera.  That location may not give you good WiFi coverage throughout your apartment.  Somebody not particularly memorable once said "Life is a series of compromises."  Of course you could also complain about inadequate security to your building manager or homeowners association.