How to assign network data transfer speed to each PC?

I remember my friend doing this to his family shared PCs.

But I dont see any method to do it in the router admin site, nor the spectrum account site.

I tried googling it but wondered if a fellow spectrum user would be able to point out around where I can find it.


Reason why is because 2 weeks ago we got the 200mbps. And its even slower than our local 11mbps we had before. Very noticable when you play online games, getting lag blips, hiccups, and slow server loading.

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Re: How to assign network data transfer speed to each PC?

Well, to begin you would have to tell us a few things about the 200 Mbps router.  Make and model would be a good start.  Do you own the router or are you renting it from Spectrum? 

Reason for my second question is that most all-in-one gateways that Spectrum rents to customers do not have the ability for the user to assign different data speeds to each connected device.  It might make more sense to first find out why your cable connection speed is slow and get that problem fixed.