Help with fixing set up

Okay I'm a bit confused after rebooting a modem in our set up everything went haywire. I don't know if this is MoCA or setting up a surfboard modem or what it is technically, but I can't get it back to the way it was.

I have an amp downstairs with a power source upstairs. So our main cable access comes up through the floor and goes into a power inserter. Power inserter has "to amp", "to dc", and "to tv". From there is our main hub or NC. We have to connect an Arris Modem, a STB, a Motorola modem, and a Linksys Router. Somehow all of that was running off of one splitter but i dont know how. My parents room is on other side of wall and is suffering from low signal. It runs through a RF wall connection. Our STB runs to our tv in the family room through HDMI. We don't have a DVR but it is HD.
Equipment is as follows
ARRIS 1672g Motorola 8x4 docsis 3.0 cable modem linksys ea7500 arris dcx3200 stb
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Re: Help with MoCA please

It would help if you can draw and post a sketch so were all working from the same picture. 

Also post the signal level report and event log report pages from both of the modems.  We can tell you how to collect those.


First Question:  Why TWO data modems? 

TWC onlyallows one modem and one public IP address per residential service cable connection. 


Second Question:  Did TWC say that you needed an amplifier?  Did they install (and therefore now maintain) it for you?  



Third Question:  Where and why do you think MOCA fits into this?




Re: Help with fixing set up

The power inserter goes to an amplifier. the power in should go to a wall wort that has probably lost power