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HP Envy Photo printer 7855 disrupting internet signal

Since the HP Envy Photo printer 7855 joined my network two weeks ago, the signal keeps getting disrupted.  Calls to (5)Spectrum support and HP (2) have not fixed the issue.  Spectrum keeps telling me that modem has incorrect IP addresses and restarting it.  But if I turn the printer off the problem goes away.   Is it possible the printer is disrupting the modem somehow?  I work at home and need to print!  Thank you


Re: HP Envy Photo printer 7855 disrupting internet signal

You have your network set up wrong, it's not spectrums fault. They have nothing to fix, lol.

 First of all, in the router, set the DHCP start at, Then set the DHCP lease for a day or more, not an hour.

Finally,  go into set the printer on a static IP of


 And finally put the printer on an ethernet connection, not a wireless/wifi one. If wireless is absolutely necessary, TURN OFF CHANNEL SCAN, lock the wifi radio onto ch 3 or 8. Make sure it's leases are set at a day not an hour



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Re: HP Envy Photo printer 7855 disrupting internet signal

This is why 'real business' printers use ethernet wired connections instead of USB or WiFi.  Therefore they will cost more than $49.95 on sale at Christmas.  Try to get support on setting the printer's IP address from the folks who recommended or sold a non-ethernet model of printer to you.  Each line is different and we forum volunteers don't get any free training from the folks who either build or sell them.