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Conflicting ISP address

So we have the exact same desktop and 2 laptops. But now we have to constantly reset router/modem  that they gave us to use.  { Arris.}.. If someones is inside with a cell phone or tablet it connects fine. We have a  roku to  watch Netflix.   Connects fine. But if   someone is on the internet and we connect one of the computers it says conflict in isp address.

( These all connect thru  wifi... )    and then you cannot connect anything untill you reset the router/modem. I't was  not doing before.  This is something that just started in the last week. And I don't know why.


Re: Conflicting ISP address

Are all devices set to use DHCP for their IP addresses? If addresses are set statically without being reserved in DHCP it could be causing a conflict. One of the more common offenders in this regard is gaming consoles.
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Re: Conflicting ISP address

Are you using your own router or are you using their all-in-one modem router combo units? Are you paying them for home WiFi? ($5 per month)
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Re: Conflicting ISP address

I wonder if this user just went through a recent upgrade to full encrypted digital?  If so, they may still have a 'dumb' LAN switch plugged into the modem rather than using a full network router.  A bunch of users in western New York State posted here a few months ago, complaining that they used to be able to pull multiple LAN IP addresses from a single cable modem connection.  Seems that for about a decade the former system operator's CMTS and user's CPE modems both had been programmed improperly.