Cable vs. cable + wifi modem?

We are in the process of switching from having only roadrunner high speed internet (no cable or phone service) to some plan with tv channels. My husband talked to twc rep last night and honestly I'm not sure which package we have yet. For several years, we have just been using streaming services and will likely continue to do so, but wanted a basic cable package with some local channels and really more "bang for our buck." At $70 a month, I wanted MORE than just high speed internet, even though it's been pretty reliable. 


Regardless of all that, this really is a simple question, I hope. We have always leased our Sci Atlanta modem from TWC. Now we are buying our own modem and I'm looking on Amazon, and I'm noticing quite a price-point jump between cable-only and cable+wifi. 


is it absolutely necessary to get a cable+wifi modem? I'm not trying to be overly thrifty, I'm genuinely curious about the difference between these two types of units.  Yes, we use wifi like crazy on our phones and iPads. So does that mean a plain old cable modem isn't sufficient? I have a friend who told me he bought his modem last year online for like $14, which sure sounds like it's just a cable modem, but he also uses wifi. 


also might add we have a linksys router that has served us well and hope to keep using it. 


Thanks for any insight!




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If you are to provide your own modem, it will be necessary for you to provide your own router as well. Even though you may purchase an all in one device, TWC wifi is only supported on devices provided by TWC. If you were to visit, you will be able to pull a list of modems that can be used on the network.

Re: Cable vs. cable + wifi modem?

Wait wait wait, now I think I feel dumb. Probably could have avoided all of this if I had thought about my last sentence.


The cable + wifi unit means it's also a router, doesn't it? Or that the box has both a cable modem and a wireless router. 


So so since I already have a wireless router, I do only need a high speed cable modem, such as the netgear cm400?


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Get a plain modem not a combo, they are more reliable and you can isolate problems. The all in ones usually have poor coverage.


Startyer cable is only going to get local channels,you're better off with an antenna and there's no fee's


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Yah you just need a modem, and as much as I hate to say it, MsRaye is right, you can receive most or more channels through an digital antennae, however without having to buy and set that up, you can receive our Basic TV service for $10/mo (in most markets)

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Re: Cable vs. cable + wifi modem?

Antenna has been our resource for several years now for locals and the reception is spotty at best! I think we may have gotten some other package, I can't even remember the details, as bad as that sounds. I'm going to get the modem today.

Thank you very much for your help and input. I'm sure you haven't heard the last of me though!

Re: Cable vs. cable + wifi modem?

enter your zip code into or to get an idea of what an antenna will pull in

If you're 10 miles or less, the indoor ones usually work pretty well, at 20+ need an outside one properly installed and grounded for lightning protection

Sometimes an attic amplified one will work well.