Arris TG1672G - Bridge Mode

So my Arris modem/router (TG1672G) is in bridge mode, connected to an Apple Airport Extreme.  Has been for years, works fine.  However, I wanted to log into the modem to check a setting.  I used to connect directly to it, give my computer a static IP, set gateway to, and then i could plug in into a brower and see the GUI for the modem.  Now I can't do that.   Spent 2 hours on the phone with TWC, they told me to call Arris, then Arris says only ISP provides support for this product.  What the hell!?!?  


So, any pointers out there on connecting to the modem after it is in bridge mode?  


Re: Arris TG1672G - Bridge Mode

When you connect to the modem directly from the computer which ethernet port are you plugging into? If it's in bridge mode only the first ethernet port should work. So you would need to unplug your router and plug the computer into port 1.  If that does not work please let us know. 


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Re: Arris TG1672G - Bridge Mode

not correct, most seem to allow all ports to work in bridge mode, it's recomended to use the first port only, however that's not the problem...

 You should not be entering a static IP,

 simply go into the net connection wizard and repair the connection.

 Have you tried both and


Maybe the combo is in NAT mode.. Is the wireless on it still working? If so it wasn't properly locked into bridge mode or TWC/ Spectrum sent it a firmware upgrade and reset it to default.

 Once you get in, paste the error/ log pages and fw date... if it's 2017, it's been a recent and promissed update.

You need to turn wireless off as well as NAT. Might need to call TWC and have tier 3 do it as the first level can't or won't