Alternative to ARRIS TG1672G Router

Are there any other TWC compatible Wi-Fi routers (besides TG862G-CT)

 out there that have RJ11 phone jacks included??  The fastest they all seem to be for speed is wireless-N, but no wireless-AC, which is what i am searching for. What i have only seen are modem/routers with Ethernet cable connectors only.

Or are there modems also with RJ11 ports  that can be bridged to a wireless router?



Re: Alternative to ARRIS TG1672G Router

I assume you're asking because you have phone service with TWC? You can set that gateway to bridge mode and use your own router or use that gateway only for the phone and use a separate modem and router for data.


Re: Alternative to ARRIS TG1672G Router

There's nothing wrong with a 1672, or the other option is the technicolor 8717, which  TWC is replacing the 1672 with. Unknown if the 1672's Phone vs. IPv6 issue was ever corrected!


 But beware, all in ones are an issue and NO ONE recomends them

 what are you really after?

In many cases levels with cable tv splits are not good enough to add a second modem to seperate off the free one for phone use only. Robot Sad