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Why Does It Take So long For Spectrum Billing Payments to Clear?

Dear Spectrum,


Why does it take so long for Spectrum billing payments to clear?  I pay directly through my bank, and you would think that within five business days, at most that the payment would clear the bank and be posted to my account.  However, it takes six to ten business days for a payment to process.  Why so long?  Especially with on-line transactions and the technology today.  Even snail mail clears usually within five days.


Payments are not going through via pony express or to a third world country!  What specific process is happening from the time the bank receives a customers' payment to the time it is posted to his/her account?




Re: Why Does It Take So long For Spectrum Billing Payments to Clear?

Good afternoon Satch,


If you are making payments directly through your bank, it is my understanding that the bank processes your request to submit the payment by drafting a check to the payee. The process, yet similar with all financial institutions, may differ with each bank. I have a simliar process in place to make my car payment. One time I was running dangerously close to my due date and I contacted the bank to see when the payment would reach my loan office. I was informed that even though it was 4 days before my payment would be considered late, that I would be better off submitting the payment directly to the loan office. If you have not already done so, I recommend setting up a user profile to manage your account at https://myservices.timewarnercable.com/. You can always use this option as a back up if you prefer to continue making your payments through your bank. 


Melissa O.