Unhappy with the services.

A few months back I got the spectrum triple package.  I chose a higher tv package because the package had the channels that I like to watch in it.  A couple of months after I started with Spectrum, I was going to bed and turned on a channel that watch every night at bedtime.  I got the message that if I wanted to watch that channel I needed to call Spectrum and order it.  I called customer service and spoke to a young lady and explained to her a couple of my channels were missing.  They are not even premium channels.  They are the Science channel and the Destination America channel.  After checking, there were a couple more, but they are not channels I would normally watch.  As stated, I chose this package because it had those channels in it.  She then told me that they were removed from the package and I would have to pay $12 per channel to get them back.  I asked her why this was done, and she told me....and I was shocked that a customer service rep actually said this, Spectrum needed to make more money so they made the channel packages smaller to get the customer to pay more money.  I hung up.   Now I am left with trying to find either another company that don't bait and switch, or a streaming service that has the channels I watch.  



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I have been through comcast, xfinity, time warner and Spectrum is THE WORST. the internet speed is never what it is supposed to be, I have had my DVR wiped out TWICE in less then 3 months, not just my recorded programs but all my season passes too. Half the time programs I DVR are not watchable- they just do not actually exist. they show up on my dvr but I cannot play them. when I use apps on my roku, half the time, Spectrum system that verifys I am a subscriber is down or wonky and I get a "you do not subscribe to this channel" when in fact I do. I HATE them. I am usually tolerant with cable company nonsense, but here...its time to start building a cord cutting plan. 

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I apologize for the frustration and for any service issues.  We would be happy to look into this further for you.  Please contact  us by direct private message at Forums_Help for assistance.  


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I have been a long time TimeWarner customer and called in for the first time since it became Spectrum. I simply wanted to find out if I could lower my bill around $20 seeing as Spectrum is a larger company. I asked if I could sign another contract same as the new customers to take advantage of the pricing. The rep said no, so I asked what if I leave and come back to Spectrum as a new customer? The rep said "You have to not recieve service for more than 30 days before becoming a new customer. You could do this if the $20 means that much to you".  I almost completely lost it at this point. Clearly Spectrum doesn't care about their customer base otherwise they wouldn't talk to them list this. As the other person posted, they just want to make more money. I'll be switching from Spectrum due to this horrible experience and I would suggest anyone else unhappy do the same thing because you're not going to get any help from this company.