Time Warner and Spectrum are ripping off its former, loyal customers.

The fact that I'm taking the time to post on this forum should tell you how angry I am about the unethical run-around I've been receiving from these two companies. To start with, my internet has become unbelievably slow during this so-called merger. It's so slow, in fact, that it's better to turn off wifi and use cellular data in my house. Why would ANYONE pay for wifi that's best used when turned off? When I tried to complain about this speed change (which coincided DIRECTLY with the Spectrum takeover), both companies put the responsibility on each other, so that no one had liability other than me, a paying customer who is paying to turn his internet off. Their offer (no surprises here) was for me to pay for faster internet. Does that sound like a bait and switch to you? Add to that the fact that this morning, I woke up to a massive number of my channels completely GONE. Again, in contact with both companies, and again no one can take responsibility for the issue. But my bill doesn't change! Nope. Now I'm paying to have turned-off wifi and many fewer channels. Their solution? Paying for a better package. I WILL be taking this to the BBB, and I WILL be following the NY attorney general's case against this company closely. I reccomend you all do the same. Viva la revolución.

Re: Time Warner and Spectrum are ripping off its former, loyal customers.

Good morning. We are happy to look into your issue. Please contact us directly via the following private  LINK. Please include your account number or the phone number associated with your account as well as the name of the account holder.  Thank you.


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Re: Time Warner and Spectrum are ripping off its former, loyal customers.

You have a signal problem, maybe a bad connection to your devices, to the modem, from the street to your house, or even from the street to TWCs main connect point. If you want advice from some of the very knowledgeable people here (most infinitly more knowledgeable than the customer service reps reading from a script) we needs details like you zip code, model of modem and router, service you're paying for, signal page of your modem...unless you just wanted to vent then good luck to you. 


Re: Time Warner and Spectrum are ripping off its former, loyal customers.

DO NOT RESET THE MODEM... Need to see real history, copy and paste the signal level and error/event log pages.


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Re: Time Warner and Spectrum are ripping off its former, loyal customers.

And try to use the 5.0 GHz WiFi broadcast, not the legacy 2.4 GHz WiFi.   It's very likely you have a new neighbor broadcasting around you on the same or an adjacent (since most people don't just stay on 1, 6, or 11; issues with adjacent interference overlap are common) channel.  The slow performing internet and  prices of services are likely completely unrelated.  Just because events happen around the same time doesn't mean they are at all related.  In other words, the internet issue could be fixable/correctable without having to pay for more internet speed/bandwidth.

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Re: Time Warner and Spectrum are ripping off its former, loyal customers.

I totally agree and understand what he/she is saying. We have TWC for over 25 Years.. we are now paying almost $300.00 a month to (edited) Service. My WiFi is Constantly Dropping from my iPad and iPhone.. It's Cost me Thousands of dollars over the years .. AT&T Has Reaped The Rewards. When I've complained I'm told to Shut off my Data! (edited)I Have Been Paying High Dollar For The Highest Speed And Upgraded Service Just to Get A Signal To the Next Room 30 Feet Away... And I Still Can't Watch a tire 30 minute show without it freezing up, rebooting my iPad or Having to Reboot TWC (edited) Modem! We Don't have many alternate choices for service here. Direct TV and Dish Suck Here in Kansas... Every time the wind blows service is lost... Although  with the way TWC has Been It Would Probably Be Better! Several weeks ago I disconnected Every Box We Have to Return and Cancel Our Service. We do not understand why a Loyal 25+ Year Customer has to pay over 3 X as much for service as a New Customer does @ $89.00 a Month! I've Requested That Package Several Times in the Past. This last time I called the young man told me that I Actually Could Get That Package Now! I was So THRILLED and Excited! He told me he was gonna transfer me to their "Save Department" and they would get me all set up with it! When the lady came on the line I told her exactly what he told me to say... Only to Hear her say... No, I'm Sorry We Can't Do That... But let me look at your account and see what I can do. She then Proudly tells me that she can lower my bill by $14.00! I was like.. Huhh??? Your Joking.. Right?? She happily says No I can Save You $14.00 every Month! I couldn't believe that she honestly thought that was "Impressive"!!! I told her I needed my bill Under $100.00 a month because I don't understand why a Long time .. Supposedly " Valued Customer" Should have to pay as much as a Car Payment Per Month to Watch Decent TV, Stay WiFi Connected and Be able to Fax When Needed. Corporate America Has Just Gotten Greedy! They No Longer Value the Costomeres Who Made Them Who They Are. For Whatever Reason They Seem to think that The Customers who play the " Switching" Game are MORE VALUABLE. Evidently the CEO and CFO Slept Through Their Business 101 Classes! Customer Retention Costs LESS! Every time a customer changes service providers when their $89.00 mo Fee Ends and goes to a competitor Until that one goes up.. then Comes Back to TWC for the $89.00 Fee again It Costs You MORE $$$. Imagine all the $$$ Wasted in time Setting up new service...Sendung the tech out to Get it all going.. Paying another tech to go out and Tweak it because it's not quite right.. Only to have the Customer Call in Cancel the service at the end of the Affordable Period.. Send a Tech out to Turn it all off again ( at The Pole) then Restock all the equipment if it's still usable.. Until The Customer Cycles Back Around To TWC Again.. That Costs Way Much More Than Taking Care of Long Term Valued Customers Who You Reward With An Affordable $89.00 Rate! The Long term valued customers will generall be mor forgiving when things go amis as opposed to be angered because they pay outrageous monthly fees for (edited)Service! Just My Opinion.