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Let me start by saying it is absolutely ludicrious that you cannot express your disgruttlement with an actual representative and it has to be in a forum. There is going to be tons of people like myself that would like to know that our concerns are addressed, but in a forum where does it get us. As for me, I'm definitely going to another company, because thankfully TWC-Spectrum is not a monopoly in the home entertainment, we have options to choose from. I will not continue to pour my hard earned dollars into a compnay that does not care about me as a customer.

I was unemployed towards the end of last year and had my service canceled, however bit by bit I was paying to get my bill paid off and take out a new service with the Christmas season approaching. It was suggested that I can go ahead and take out the new service and pay off the final 100$ owing, No problem, the main people that were affected by this crap called "bundling" was my kids. We were back in the stone age, no phone, tv and internet, they had to go to the library for homework which did not work out because of time allotment gievn by the library.  So when the service came back on, the one thing I promised them is that they will not have to do that again, I will amke sure the cable bill is paid.


Let's fast forward to January 4th, i paid up my current bill and on the 5th my service was cut. I was totally lost, forgetting about the money owed. I then asked if the money can be simply paid off with the money I had on my current bill as I do not have any funds available, I was given a number to call for customer payment services, because it was not in their hands. This went on for two days and through it all I spoke with some of the nastiest representatives ever, one at the top of the list was Anthony. On this call to the 0900 number when asked, "how can I assist you?", I started pouring my heart out about my kids and the dilemma I was in and most importantly how I was not able to pay, his response was "so how are you taking care of that payment today?"


I told him , "did you not hear a word I said?", the only thing he did not do was to tell me to go to hell, he was very confrontational with me. Friday I called and spoke to someone at payment services number, I pleaded with her and she gave me a glimmer of hope and told me to call back tomorrow, however the office does not open on a weekend, I found out by calling all weekend and eventually being told that on Monday. Needless to say I borrowed the money and paid, only because of my kids, I knew they needed it right away. But I will NOT continue for much longer to give them my money, as soon as school breaks I'm done. The number one rule for any business is the customer is always right, and rule two is, "review rule one". NO business survives profitably without good customer relations, I know with service like this Spectrum will eventually get the message. 


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The cable company is not a charity.  This much is certain.  I am sure they hear similar stories every day.


I recommend that you subscribe to the lowest internet service you can get (Everyday Low Price @ 14.99).


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I agree with dstoffa.  If you can't pay what TWC charges, it is up to YOU to make changes not expect TWC to accomodate what you can pay.


Here are my suggestions.  Anything that costs money below can probably be paid for out of the money you save in the 1st and/or 2nd month by not having all of the other TWC services (see below).


1. Cancel all TWC services except for Everyday Low Price Internet for $14.99/mo.  I think Everyday Low Price Internet speeds are 3/1, but somebody can correct me if I'm wrong.  You can buy your own modem and router if you don't already own them, to avoid an additional monthly fee from TWC.

2. Buy good quality interior table-top or wall-mounted antenna(s) for your TV(s) to get local OTA channels, which depending on your location, could be approximately between 6 and 15 channels.

3. Make weekly or bi-weekly trips to the local public library to borrow movies and videos for additional entertainment.

4. Sign up for one or more Google Voice #s for free, or port your current phone #(s) into Google Voice.  It costs a 1-TIME $20 to port a # into Google Voice, but getting a new # is FREE.  Use Google Voice/Hangouts on your computer(s) and other WiFi devices to place calls in the US and Canada, and to receive any calls for free.


Those are just a few suggestions to save money.

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Totally missed the point of my comment, it's SERVICE!

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The point wasn't missed. It's not a service to you if you're not paying for it.  Cable TV and internet aren't a utility like the water and electricity. Even if you're disgruttled.

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Sorry to hear about the poor experience with those representatives, @jarik36.  We ask that you please private message the account information to us at this link so we may further assist in getting this addressed.


Thank you for your participation in the Forums!


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