Terrible Service

What should have been a very easy   transaction turned into a nightmare.  Our account was in my late husbands name.  I went to change it to my name.  They cancelled his account and opened a new  one in my name.  When I got home I had no internet service, I called and while talking to them I lost TV, later I lost phone service.  I used my cell phone and called again.  I was on the phone from 3PM until after midnight trying to solve the problem.  Finally after midnight I was told I would have to carry all the equipment under my husbands name back because I had to have new equipment before it could be activated., the alternative was to be without service for 3 days until someone could come to my home and change it out.  I took the equipment back, came home hooked it up and thought all was OK.  That night I realized it would not record.  I also still did not have voice mail an supposedly they were working on that problem.  I found out today they had changed my phone number I had for 10 years and dd not even tell me.  It appears I will have to notify everyone I know and do business with that I have a new phone number.  This is totally unacceptable.  I still find it hard to believe that any company would do this.  I am just disgusted.  


Re: Terrible Service

should have kept the account in his name... sorry about losing him...Woman Sad

 Demand TWC give you the old number back, THERE IS NO REASON THEY CAN'T.

 Get a supervisor  9-5 m-f, it should be someone in the US then.

Tell them you want the old number back or you WILL BE CANCELLING SERVICE.

 That get's their attention, they get docked for lost customers...

They are simply too lazy to correct the emta records.  You can also contact your state PUC...