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I agree I spent 10 hours on 03/04/17 to receive a package that was "misqouted" & then a tech came to put what was a set-up from a package that was promised on 12/2016 because my contract was up then all " retention" says they cant do anything about I requested to escalate the issue & to give me a corp address which the cable  ompany doesnt have. So what is the bottom line swallow it is what it sounds doesnt it but no one is taking respondsibility for what was promised and misqouted......any suggestions?

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Re: TWC needs to work on RETENTION

@Sanganita25  We would be happy to submit your feedback to our management 

team. If you will please contact us directly at Forums_Help with your account number

and your service address we can get that started.


Please include any additional information about your experience that you would 

like to provide for review. 


Thank you!


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Re: TWC needs to work on RETENTION

If you were misquoted something and told they don't offer it later, file a FCC violation online. I did and got my results from TWC as they have one month to respond and Customer Solutions Manager will work with you on resolution.

Sadly if you want to get their attention, you have to be a thorn to corporate.

Re: TWC needs to work on RETENTION

thats sad that we all have to complain about service that we pay for there is no loyalty

Re: TWC needs to work on RETENTION

i too am a Tme Warner customer i have been with them for 4 years and it seems like once they have you the price goes up  every year and you have to call and beg for a decrease. it doesnt make sense to me that if i pay my bill every month faithfully that they would try and keep me as a customer. i have three separate accounts with them and I am feed up. im looking to switch to AT&T


Re: TWC needs to work on RETENTION

Sure, but you don't expect the bag of chips to go up 15 -20% a year, yet that is what cable is doing to my bill each year.  I wish my salary did that.