Spectrum fails to provide promised refund

This began months ago when I mistakenly made an online payment through my bank.  The payment was in excess of $1,400 and was meant for a different payee.  With my bank and Spectrum on the phone together Spectrum acknowledged the error and promised a refund in 3-4 weeks.  That sounded fair since the original issue was my fault.

Over six weeks later and after several phone calls no check.....just promises that it should arrive any day.  Imagine my surprise when my next bill arrives and they had reapplied the credit.....no check.

I again called customer service, requested a supervisor.  She admitted the error and said it would be another 3-4 weeks for a check to arrive......UNACCEPTABLE,   Are they really so desperate that they nerd to hold onto someone's money without Cause?  I intend to take this to the news media if they do not refund my current credit immediately!

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Re: Spectrum fails to provide promised refund

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File with your local BBB or state consumer protection agency. People need to know about this new Spectrum/Charter and their hijinx. That really is an outrageous amount of money for them to hold so long without paying you back the principle plus interest. 

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Re: Spectrum fails to provide promised refund

@ED2  I was able to backtrack to locate your account and do see that the refund has been 

initiated. I have submitted a ticket to have this mistake (series of mistakes) be looked into.


I am very sorry that this has happened and has not been corrected with more speed.


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Re: Spectrum fails to provide promised refund

Issue resolved.  Thank you!