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My TWC contract ended right before Spectrum took over and now I am stuck with a bill close to $200 a month! When I called to change my plan to the one being offered on the website to include tv, phone and internet with free hbo starz etc for half the price I am currently paying. I was told that offer is for new customers only and if I wanted a cheaper plan I would have to downgrade my tv or internet services for a better rate and that is the only option. Truly poor customer service to tell a loyal customer you don't qualify for better rates unless you shortchange your services because our deals only apply to new customers who have no history with the company. So I will be forced to cancel my service due to the extreme rate I am paying so I can get a special rate for new customers with another company!
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All promos you see online or on commercials are for new customers only.  Directv, Dish, Comcast, etc. existing customers have the same complaint about their promos. It's an industry wide issue.


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It's truly ridiculous.

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I apologize for the frustration.  Unfortunately, this is not an issue we can address in this department.  We recommend that you contact us at 1-800-892-4357 or visit a local Spectrum store, if you still need assistance.  


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if u are a penny pincher u have to play the game. all companies have the same structure


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My contract expired just before Spectrum took over and my bill was 200.00. I called cust service and after waiting to talk with someone for 10 min ,I was told he couldn't bring my price down and if he used the Spectrum prices it was actually more. So he transferred me to customer esolutions and I waited anther 20 min.  The transfer started out positive. . The rep was ablt to bring my price down becasue I didn't want HBO. She indicated my modem needed to be changed becasue of Spectrum. Asked me when I could get to TWC and we set a datee of Monday then she hung up on me,didn't give me a conf # and I had questions about the changes. I wanted to make sure I wasn't loosing anything but HBO. So once again I had to start over finally got to cust resolutions again but couldn,t get to my rep,had to speak with someone new who was put out with me and stated she didn't even know she was talking to me. She stated the other rep finished my acct. Well not acording to me,she just hung up! I this point I became upset with the new rep. I asked 3 times about my service to make sure I only lost HBO and then I asked for a conf #. Now customer service is the reason I left TWC before and went to Direct TV, great cust service. I went back to TWC last year and the service was great but now here we go again with Spectrum. Definately noot in the business of trying to help their customers. This whole process took me 1 hr and half of that time was on hold!