Sick of horrible customer service!!

All I wanted to do was change my bill due date to the third of every month and they said that they can't. That is a delay of one week. What a big deal!

Also, when spectrum took over the service, somehow we got signed up for movie pass and I did not catch it right away and they will only credit us for 30 days, not the 90 days we have been charged for it.

With twc our bill was $168 a month-- with spectrum it morphed to $192 a month. I didn't open the bill, so I didn't notice the difference.

Our bill was always the same, so I didn't realize that I had to police the cable company.

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Re: Sick of horrible customer service!!

they can't and won't.. It's set up by the day you got service and they can't bill for a partial month.


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Re: Sick of horrible customer service!!

@jdon285  I am sorry that our not changing the due date has caused frustration for you.  This is something that both now and historically we have not done. The dates for the billing are in place because of the install date. 


In regards to the change in price, we would be happy to look into this for you. It sounds like a promotional price rolled off or expired. We would be happy to take a look to 

determine where that originated.  The change in the price on your account would not 

be due to our merge/name change. 


We can be reached at Forums_Help Please do include your account number and the 

service address to begin. If you have a pin number on the account we would also need

to have you verify this. Thank you!



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Re: Sick of horrible customer service!!

I'm not gonna bother with that. How about you guys credit all the weeks that you billed me for when the service was shut off? I'm sure that's a class action issue there, I guess we'll see, and I certainly don't want to talk to another cs representative.
I'll just come in and pay the bill on the 3rd and drop the service to Internet only.. There are many other viewing choices out there!