Sales department harassment

The sales department first called me on April 25th to tell em about exciting offers. I explained my situation that only wish to have their internet service and that I did not want to receive anymore sales calls. Fast forward to today and 11 more calls in 2 weeks. It's no longer a cold call, we've made contact and despite my wishes my number keeps getting passed on and I receive calls. It's harassment as far as I'm concerned. I encourage anyone reading this to block 315-741-3619 and any other outgoing numbers Spectrum uses.
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Re: Sales department harassment

I am sorry to hear you are still receiving calls. We would be happy to look into this for you.


If you will contact us directly at Forums_Help with your account number and verification 

of your service address we can get started. 


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blocked calls

I've found my own solution. I'm blocking the calls, but the sales department keeps calls and my phone hangs up on them. I just find it a fascinating waste of time. Please don't waste your time on me.