Retail Rates Page Not Accurate

The retail rates page located here is not accurate to the Columbia area.  Under Internet there are various tiers listed (Everyday Low, Basic, Extreme, and Ultimate 100, 200, and 300).  However my internet plan, despite choosing the Extreme tier when recently upgrading, is apparently not the same as the tier listed on the retail rates page.  Instead it is listed on my bill as Turbo internet with an "Extreme Internet Upgrade".   The difference in the Extreme packages is $20/month (Retail Rate page lists $59.99, my billed rate is $79.99).  


I spoke to a representative via phone earlier today, and was told I essentially had the Extreme internet as listed on the Retail Rate page with the Ultimate 200 add-on.  I can assure you, that service is not available in my area.  Locally, all that is available to me are the old Standard, Turbo, Extreme, and Ultimate tiers.  The Retail Rate page should REALLY be updated to reflect this.   Strikes me as fairly deceptive, or, at the very least, poorly thought out.


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We'd be happy to review your account further @effigie .


Please provide your Account Number, full service address as well as any further information that may help us work towards a resolution.

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Re: Retail Rates Page Not Accurate

you are linking to an area that has been MAXX upgraded.

if such speed teirs are not availble to you then you are not

MAXX up yet, thus those prices are not applicable to you.


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Right - that's my point.  The retail link to my area doesn't display the relevant information, since MAXX isn't available.  I'm simply pointing out the error so it can be corrected and/or so the actual retail rates for the area (using the appropriate tiers) can be added.  


Re: Retail Rates Page Not Accurate

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There shouldn't even bee a retail price list with TWC, it should be Spectrum. Some people are seeing their packages and prices.Robot Sad

No more Maxx, speeds are 60/6 and 100/6, yes they have a triple play package as well.

However, they can't decide who's a new customer.Woman Frustrated

You're confusing the issue about MAXX $$$$'s,,, There is no difference in pricing for Maxx and non MAXX areas. Just a speed boost for the same price. People were cutting back to tiers to save money, provided they were not in a pkg or promo and paying "retail"




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I'm not complaining about the price/cost, really.  More of a request for clarity and accuracy, since that's the page I constantly see linked in the forum in regard to retail  pricing.  Perhaps that will come later, since they're in a transition... but I figured it was worth pointing out, regardless.


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MSR Don't confuse people TWC rate card ., plans are still in effect in many areas including all of New York State.
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Re: Retail Rates Page Not Accurate

@MsRaye  Not all areas have Spectrum packages available at this time. The rates are

there for reference for our current customers and for prospective customers in areas that have not yet been transitioned. Once the area transitions, the rate page will reflect the Spectrum packages and pricing. 


We encourage everyone to contact us if there is a discrepancy on any of our 

websites so these issues can be addressed. 


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Re: Retail Rates Page Not Accurate

This issue for the Columbia area has still not been addressed, and I wasted two hours speaking with 5 representatives who could not clarify my rate for me today. This is not good business. We feel ripped off.

Re: Retail Rates Page Not Accurate

Several months ago I was told Columbia would have the new faster Internet speeds available by February 2017 that North Carolina got earlier.  What is the current outlook?  I'm considering changing Internet providers and want to make sure I'm deciding based on the current information.  Thanks!