Re: Rates going up in upstate NY

ADSL if you're within 3 miles of a slic or on Sat internet, like hughesnet or on a 4G LTE device.

Problem is cable is the cheapest of all even at the high prices....


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Re: Rates going up in upstate NY

They will go up once you get off your legacy plan. All those great "features" they tout on those god awful commericals that air every 2 seconds are not free..they are simply forced upgrades. I said I wanted Encore and HBO. I was told to get those, I would have to order the GOLD package..which includes EVERY SINGLE PREMIUM CHANNEL! Plus stupid digital phone because they no longer offer Double Play because Spectrum knows that it is 2017 and if customers had a CHOICE, they would not get it. So they force he mto if they want cable and internet. Oh..and that "fastest starting internet speeds" Yup..nothing but a forced upgrade too. IT isn't as if htey are giving hte faster speed for the same price that Time Warner charged fo the lower speeds. IT is just now that people who DON'T want o stream multiple HD videos at a time and therefore have absolutely no need for 60 MB downloads have no choice but to pay for it. They tried to upsell an 82 year old lady with an old CRT TV saying that she NEEDED the faster internet for her needs...which are about 10 minutes of a day of Facebook and e-mail checking.


Re: Rates going up in upstate NY

jhs19060 wrote:

I'm in northeastern Ohio (zip code 44077). My rates are increasing as well, even though I do not use my cable connection for anything; however, the cable is still connected to my VCR. The cable is on my account for one and only one reason: so I can get local TV on  my Roku application (the app will not get local channels without at least Starter TV service on the account). If it were not for that, I would have canceled my cable service long ago, leaving just phone and Internet.

Can't you use an antenna for the locals?