Phone callbacks

I called Spectrum/TWC to reconnect a service and the automated response said "all of our representatives are busy.  Please hold for the next available representative."  But within a minute or so, it gave me the option of continuing to hold or requesting a callback when a representative was free.  I chose the callback and the automated response said I could expect a call in "more than 45 minutes" so I was pleasantly surprised when the callback came within 20 minutes.  Except there was no real person on the line. It was a recording telling me "all of our representatives are busy. Please hold for the next available representative."  I held for 3 minutes while listening to the same message, laughing at the chutzpah of such a system.  LOL.  I contacted them via the online chat session which was faster, and which concluded with them telling me that the service would be restarted, although that remains to be seen.

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Re: Phone callbacks

I am sorry to hear you had difficulty contacting us by phone. Normally those call backs would route you to an agent within a few minutes. If you are willing I would like to have that looked into.


If you will contact us directly at Forums_Help with your account number and approximate time of the call we would appreciate that very much. 


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Re: Phone callbacks

I happened to call in to Cablecard support yesterday and got the same option to have a callback. I was skeptical but didn't feel like waiting on hold for 45 minutes so I did it. To my surprise a real person called back within 20 minutes. It worked for me as advertised.