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I'm needing my 2016 payment history for tax purposes and I can only access 6 months online. I used your chat customer service (they were great, by the way) but told me that i have to physically go to a TWC store to get MY payment history for the year.  As a customer, it is very inconvenient to have to go to the store for them to LOOK ON A COMPUTER and hand me MY payment history.  Why is it not accessible online? Why is it not accessible to your customer service agents?  This is a horrible business practice. Please reconsider this policy.  Thank you. 

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Re: Payment history

Thank you for taking the time to come register and join us in the Forums.

From our My Account website you can download those and store them locally

as the year progresses, at this time we do only keep the last 6 months available

to view.


We appreciate your feedback on this, we will pass this along! 


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Re: Payment history

Yes, I see that I can get 6 months, but I need a full calendar year for taxes. Any particular reason that is not available online?

Thank you.