Payment Arrangements/ Future Date of Payment - 20 year customer

So, I have had Time Warner Cable for going on 20 years now, have never thought about switching, even when their ground cable arced with my meter box and blew a $200 router that I personally paid for. I admit, I haven't always been on time with my bill, but it gets paid, internet is a luxury item for most. Recently, I've come into hardship with a new job and struggling that little while to catch up, so I called to make arrangements to pay on the bill, only to be notified that two months ago they supposedly changed the policy, and there is nothing that can be done. I am being cut off tomorrow, and need a four day extension or to set up payment arrangements to have it taken out of my bank directly on the day. Without internet, my son isn't able to do any of his homework, as school has "gone green" and everything is online on Chromebooks now. 


It's sad to hear that after 20 years of continued service, and this recent scandal lawsuit in NY, that this company isn't willing to work with their customers to keep them in service, especially when they have a history of making payments and keeping the services running. It's especially sad when all I hear is "I really do understand your situation", when no, they don't. It really seems like Spectrum/Time Warner just wants their money and doesn't care about whether or not they keep customers anymore. These strongarm tactics are going to drive away several customers, as I am already on my way to calling DirectTV and just coupling their service with my cell phone provider.

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Re: Payment Arrangements/ Future Date of Payment - 20 year customer



I apologize, we are unable to assist with this type of billing issue in this department.   You would need to contact us at 1-800-892-4357 or visit a local store for assistance.   


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