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spectrum service is awful they dont care about the customer they are horrible i would not reccommend them to noone. time warner was good but spectrum is awful


 I have same problem we should all boycott spectrum lets get together and see if we can get help with a news channel about how bad its got


Re: Old time warner customer new Spectrum customer

Just got off the phone with a very nice rep and he priced out different packages based on what we watch.  He also explained the tier packages and they are expensive!!!  You also need a dvr for each tv that  costs 4.99/mo and for us that is 3 tvs.  Also be careful if you switch to the Spectrum package and make sure the channels you watch are listed!  We would have to go to the highest tier to see our most watched channels and our bill wold be $60 more than I have now.

I am staying with the TWC package I have now and when the price goes up,  I will look at Verizon FIOS as it is in our neighborhood...NO WAY I'm paying over $200/mo for cable.  

And I've been a TWC customer for over 30 years....but I won't look back if you keep nickel and diming us!



Re: Old time warner customer new Spectrum customer

prosgal wrote:

When you switch to Spectrum plans do you need to get a new box? what about a new modem?

Spectrum took back my Cisco Digital Adapter (less than 6 months old, issued by TWC), and gave me an Arris set top box (model 3200), and a much better remote control.

I continue to use my personal Motorola cable modem.


Re: Old time warner customer new Spectrum customer

I am extremely unhappy with the way Spectrum is handling the accounts of former Time Warner Customers. I am looking to switch as soon as I look into alternatives. They will be loosing many many former time warners customers with their riduculous policies at this rate. 


I had 200 mb internet and Roku starter deal on my account. The promotional price on my internet expired and my overall package price went up. I called to cancel the tv service and just keep my internet. Spectrum told me that if I make any changes to my account, such as cancelling the Roku Tv package I had from Time Warner, I will be switched to a Spectrum plan on the internet too. They dont hve 200 mb so they offered me 100mb at $65 or 300mb at $95 (promotional price) plus tax. So this puts me at paying MORE for LESS SERVICE, if I make any changes to my existing time warner plan. I know eventually they are going to unilaterally change the prices on the roku and force me to get off 200 mb as well. Spectrum has taken over the market, providing less service for more money and their customer service is horrible. I  never thought I would say this but I miss Time Warner, who actually had customer loyalty programs and customer retention programs. Getting out of spectrum asap!