Not happy!!

We used to have Verizon internet for years. LOADS of problems! Internet always dropped out for hours at a time and modems lasted less than a year. We finally switched to TWC and have had them for approximately 2 years. Not one issue ever! Never lost connection or speed and have had the same modem this entire time. We were VERY happy!! Until....Spectrum took over a few weeks ago. Not only has our bill gone up by about $20, but for having the highest connect speed, we've struggled to get good connection like we had before with the same amount of devices. AND, in less than 24 hours we've had 2 outages in our area that have completely knocked out our service!! With 2 teenagers and 2 adults on several devices and the amount we pay, this does not bode well for this merger!! Joink just started in my area and I wasn't going to give them a second thought. Now I may.
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Re: Not happy!!

I am sorry to hear you have had trouble recently.   In most cases what you are seeing in regards to your price increase is the expiration of a promotional offer on the account. We can take a peek at the account to verify if this is the case. 


The merger/combination of our companies to Spectrum has been underway for quite some time. If you are experiencing trouble with the service, the merger would not be the cause of this.   If you would like for us to look into your connectivity issues we would be happy to do so. 


We can be reached directly at Forums_Help

Please do include your account number and verification of your service address to get started. 


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