Misrepresentation of products and services

I ordered a bundle package last week and had a service installment on 4/20/27. The tech that showed up was an outside contracted provider and not a Spactrum tech. When he arrived he asked what we were going to do? I asked if he had a work order and he said yes but did not install my services correctly. I had a second tech out this morning who corrected my phone problem but couldn't answer my question as to why I wasn't getting all the channels are n the package I ordered and said to call CS. Upon calling CS i was told that they changed the channel line up packages on 4/4/17 and that would need to upgrade to get the channels from the package they just sold me last week? I spoke to a "manager'" who was no help and informed me they could charge me for the upgrade $12 but discount me a box $5 to help offset the upgrade fee. Is it just me or is this bait n switch tactics to get more money. I am very frustrated and disappointed at the whole mess and told them to send their tech back to remove all their equipment void the whole deal! I will be contacting every agency and outlet that can to bring this type of misrepresented business practice to the public and warn consumers about Spectrum Time Warners poor service!

Re: Misrepresentation of products and services

I forgot to mention that I also requested an informed manager return a call to me to try to salvage but I have had no response!