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My wife and I purchased a business the beginning of March 2017. We formed a new corporation, and began transferring accounts. Noticing the high price we were paying for internet/phone, I called up TWC to cancel our service and move to another provider offering much cheaper and faster service. The representative, Kendrick, told me if I were to stay, he would lower the bill to $150/mo for my internet and phone. Considering how much less work it would be to stay, I agreed.  I didn't press for the $59.99 Internet and $29.99/line phone advertised to new customers, because I didn't want to argue symantics or raise a stink (even though we're a new coorporation operating under a different name, etc.); I figured I'd meet them halfway.


I called TWC on three separate occasions to confirm this price, as my bill still showed the previously higher price, and was told, rest assured, they would submit it for change, and I would be paying $150/mo on my next bill. I firmly passed on the offer from the competing telecommunications company, and felt like everything was settled.


Fast forward to today, May 22, 2017: I received a bill for $318.

$99 of that was for a technician who had to come out and replace our modem, leaving $219. This is just a few dollars less after tax than it was previously. I called TWC Business Billing Support, and the representative said there was nothing she could do, but gave me Kendrick's (the original rep) email, and I sent him a message.


Later in the day, feeling sick and anxious about the whole ordeal, I called; this time I was connected to a fellow named Tom in Sales. Tom quickly found Kendrick's line and transfered me. I reminded Kendrick of the entire ordeal, and let him know that my bill reflects a price I did not agree to. Kendrick reviewed the notes on my account, and told me he didn't make a mistake, and that he quoted me for internet and one phone line, although he knew I had two. However this didn't explain why he explicitly confirmed my total monthly bill would be $150/mo, nor why I still had two phone lines if he only quoted me for one. 


I was getting increasingly veiled and dishonest answers from Kendrick. Still remaining polite and keeping my cool (though rest assured I was mad as a hornet), I let him know that I understood he was just doing his job, but asked to speak to his supervisor. Kendrick's only response was "no one is available". I became even more suspicious, and asked him again. Kendrick said he could have his management team "review the calls" and get back to me within 24 hours. With no hope left, I began recording the call and let Kendrick know. I asked him again, this time on the record, if he could have his supervisor review my information and give me a call back within 24 hours. He refused to answer me, and instead said he couldn't carry on a call while being recorded. I asked him if pausing the recording would allow me to speak to his supervisor. He repeated his statement about not being able to carry on a conversation while being recorded. I told him I had paused the recording, and asked again. This time he wouldn't answer me at all, though I could hear background noise. I persisted, asking simply for a response; would his supervisor call me back within 24 hours? He would still not give me a straight answer. This was ludicrous.


Kendrick then asked me what I was "trying to achieve" by calling. With all of the self-control I could muster, I explained that my bill was substantially more than he quoted me in our original call. I again told him I was recording and asked him to transfer me to his supervisor. Again, he remained quiet; "Kendrick?" I said. "Are you there?". His response, "I'm reviewing the account information". He then repeated, while being recorded, that he would have his management team review the information and get back to me. I asked when I could expect a call back, to which he responded "within 24 hours". I thanked him and hung up. The whole ordeal lasted a solid hour (which was supposed to be my lunch, but hey, bureaucracies, right?).


I do not expect to receive a call back. I do, however, fully intend to follow up as many times as it takes to get this resolved, however that may be. I also want to reach out in any way possible to other customers or representatives here at Time Warner who can help me out. This has been a pittiful experience!


Since when are businesses, let alone regular customers treated with such brazen apathy and straightforward dishonesty? What can I do about this?

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We apologize for the frustration with this issue.  We would like to get more information to address this issue further.  Please see you private message inbox for instructions how to contact us.


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PM sent. I'll keep updating this thread with new information as things progress.

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Just a quick update:

As of 9:30am this morning I have not yet received a call or email regarding this issue. Kendrick said I would receive a call back within 24 hours, so I'll give it until 3pm today.


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Another update:

I never did receive a call back from Kendrick's supervisor, so I called into a separate business help number, which I was given to me by a separate (and helpful) representative. I was soon connected to a woman who began to live-chat with Kendrick's supervisor, Shannon.


After some time, I was transferred to Shannon and I explained the situation. She did not say whether Kendrick asked her to call me back, and seemed to be completely unaware of it. Shannon then told me that even though Kendrick had promised me something, she could not lower my price; I even told her that we were a new corporation who just acquired business assets, etc. (their definition of "new customers" are being charged about half of what we currently are) but she did not budge. Astounding.


She said although she couldn't lower my price, she would like to listen to my call(s) with Kendrick to determine where the "miscommunication" occurred (I can tell you exactly where). Shannon said she would review the information and call me back within 24-hours. I received an email later that evening from her explaining that she had intended to listen to the calls at home, but was having technical difficulties, and will have to wait until morning to do so.


It is 8:15am (CST) at the time of this writing. I will update this thread again when I hear back from Shannon.


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Achilles77 wrote:

Have you pursued your options with other companies? Typically when I read something like this it's just a sign of what you'll be dealing with in the future.

Yes - I have the same package quoted from Great Plains for $189/mo - slightly more, but we'd still be saving money and I'd get to say "buzz off" to this dispicable and disreputable company.


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One last update:

Shannon emailed me back (rather than calling me; can't say I blame her) and said the following:




I was able to locate the call and Kendrick offered you verbatim “I could get you to $150 for 60 megs of internet speed, 1 phone line including the wifi.”  The breakdown was Internet $99.99, WIFI $4.99 , and the phone line$44.99. for a total of $149.97.  No one mentioned a second line, but the cost per line is $44.99.  If you want to disconnect I surely understand, and I would hate to loose your business.   I apologize for the misunderstanding. 


Please let me know who you wish to proceed. 


Kindest regards,

Now, if Kendrick did in fact specify one phone line, it must have been both subtle and deceptive, as I never mentioned the desire to eliminate one of my phone lines, and I preceded my request to cancel by letting him know I found two phone lines and 60Mbps internet elsewhere for a better price, and needed to keep my service the same.


I called Shannon back and left a second message. Shortly after I received a call back from William, who informed me Shannon was on vacation. He repeated what Shannon emailed me, to which I responded:


First of all, Kendrick knew that I had two phone lines, and nowhere did I mention dropping one. You have to know quoting me $150 for what I was led to believe as the same service was deceptive, and at best misleading, and I would say it's intentionally so, because this brings me to my next point: if he said my price was going to be $150 (and apparently for one phone line), which I explicitly asked him, and he explicitly confirmed, why wasn't one of my phone lines dropped? Why didn't he or others mention that in any of the subsequent calls?


He may not have mentioned two phone lines outright, but it was clearly implied.

Again, you have to know, that is extremely duplicitous and at the very best intentionally misleading. That constitutes fraud, a crime which your company is no stranger to, especially lately. Now I'm stuck with a $99 installation fee, another aspect Kendrick conveniently neglected to mention, and a monthly bill much the same as my previous.


William, the interim supervisor, kindly offered to remove the $99 installation fee.


One last thing - why was I treated like I was when I last spoke to Kendrick? He was extremely cold and evasive, denying me the opportunity to speak with a supervisor and apparently lying about having one call me back, as Shannon was unaware of any request for her to contact me. I worked in customer service at a call center for three years; I understand it's one of the most stressful jobs out there, especially when dealing with an angry customer, but if I had performed in any way close to how Kendrick has, I would've been axed on the spot. It's astounding that you as his supervisor and Charter/Spectrum as a company would stand up for behavior like that.

I concluded by thanking him for removing the $99 and informing him that I will be canceling my service as soon as my deal with Great Plains is finalized.


What a laughable display of bloated bureaucratic incompetence and human disconnect.