Lousy System

Horrible service here also! Upgraded yesterday after an hour or more on phone, (was supposed to save $30, ended up saving $1. I picked up equipment, set up -no tv. Spoke to two very kind, seemingly knowledgeable tech staff, who said it would take 1-2 hours for signal. Called back, was informed it may take til end of night, if that. Purposely upgraded to watch NCAA tonight, now left with no games.

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unless you had the useless DTA's, there is no need to swap out equipment...

Call them back and have them activate the new boxes... Be sure you read the mac id's correctly, B is not an 8 and b is not a 6, D is not a 0... etc

 next possible issue is poor upstream due to excessive splitters.... Verify there's no open ports or more than a 4 way split. even some 3 ways won't work.


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I am sorry to hear the upgrade did not go smoothly. It sounds like there 

was a delay in the upgrade work order processing. We would be happy to 

take a look and pass along your feedback on the experience.


If you would like to contact us directly here: Forums_Help  we can get

that started. 


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