Incompetency beyond belief

I am posting to this forum so that other customers can see the ridiculous lengths one has to undertake in order to deal with this company properly.  After this post is completed, my next posts will be to every possible customer review forum available, the Better Business Bureau and the South Carolina Department of Taxation and Revenue.  At this point in time, I am extremely disappointed in the overall patronizing demeanor of their "customer service" and I intend to cause this company to lose as much business as possible.  Allow me to explain why I am prepared and will go to such lengths.


I initially contacted Time Warner Cable a.k.a. Spectrum back in the beginning of March, 2017, to obtain billing statements for the months of April 2016 to August 2016 for tax purposes.  I need these statements because I work from home and one required element from my employer is that I must maintain a high-speed internet connection and phone line at my own expense.  Therefore, this is a work-related expense and needed for tax purposes.  I am certain I am not the only individual who has ever had to partake in this grand adventure of fiscal responsiblity.  


Initially, I went online to obtain copies of the statements via PDF file that is supposed to be available on my account.  Unfortunately, with the resulting switch to Spectrum, the PDF files I needed only went back as far as September 2016.  As a result, the necessary statements were unavailable to me online. 


I contacted Time Warner (Spectrum) and initially spoke with Debra in the Billing Department.  Debra stated that her particular department did not have access to those items and that I would have to go to the local TWC branch office (which for me is located at 1901 Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC) to have them print the statements because they are the only ones who have access to them.  I did not see this as a problem because I needed to return my modem anyways because the download and upload speeds I was receiving were only averaging 8 mbps and 1.5 mbps respectively.  Please note I have been paying monthly for the 50 mbps service since August of 2014.


I arrived at the branch office two days later and spoke with Tracy at the front desk (had supervisor on her name tag, no last name of course, anyone else ever notice how these individuals don’t provide their full names yet in most other professions we are required to wear name tags detailing our first and last name?).  I delineated my dilemma, requested copies of the necessary billing statements and voiced my issue with the registered speeds of the modem.  She did switch out the modem (she later informed me apparently when I signed up for service they provided me one of the most outdated modems they had, which is why my internet speed was sloth-esque and had been for awhile) and I was again redirected by Tracy to call back the Billing Department.  Tracy stated that the local branch office had no way of pulling up those billing statements and that I would need to contact the Billing Department and have them mail me paper copies of the statements.  Okay, a very mildly annoying run-around but certainly not an issue worthy of any type of strife. 


Outside of the store, I called Time Warner Cable (Spectrum) and was directed to the Billing Department.  This time I spoke with Brenda.  Brenda informed me that she did not have access to those statements and would have no way of getting them to me, so she had to transfer me to a different department.  I was then transferred to Todd in the Payment Inquiries Department.  Todd evaluated the account, spoke with his supervisor, and told me that yes they had access to them but they could not send them out as they did not have that ability and he would have to transfer me to the correct department that could perform that task.  I was then transferred this time to the Customer Service Department and spoke with Molick.  This individual confirmed he had access to the statements and that they would be sent out and I would receive them in the next 10 business days.  Finally getting somewhere I thought after only 25 minutes of being redirected on the phone. 


I called the following week just to check on the status and verify the statements had been sent.  At this point I spoke with Bobbie (female) in the Billing Department, who confirmed a notation on the account that the statements had been mailed.  She also verified my mailing address which was listed correctly to just confirm all was in order. 


Well business day number 14 rolls around and no billing statements have been received.  By that point it was April 5, 2017.  I started this entire process in the beginning of March. I again call Time Warner and I am yet again directed back to the Billing Department.  At this point, I am more than mildly frustrated due to the run-around and the fact that tax time is approaching.  These statements were the only thing I have been waiting on so that I could appropriately file my taxes. 


This time I end up speaking with Kristen in the Billing Department.  Kristen truly attempted to resolve the situation and was understanding of the frustration.  However, according to Kristen a few scenarios may have occurred:  the statements were not appropriately mailed out because Molick had not filled out the correct request form, the statements were mailed but delivered to the incorrect address (highly unlikely because I am receiving Spectrum promotional advertisements for upgrading my service just fine), or they could possibly still be on the way but there is no way to track it.  Kristen spoke with her supervisor Jarrell who confirmed he was resending the statements and that I would receive them in 10 business days.  Kristen and Jarrell also both verbally stated that the local branch office does indeed have the ability to print out those billing statements and that whomever stated they did not have that ability was incorrect.


Well I did not necessarily trust that the statements were going to arrive, so I decided to head back to the local branch office the same day.  At this point, I go into the office and speak with Terrance.  I explain the situation and what was told to me via the Billing Department.  While speaking with Terrance, our conversation was consistently interrupted by a female associate also working at the counter (unfortunately I was unable to get her name at the time) who was talking over us and stating they had no access to those statements.  She indicated that particular privilege had been revoked from the staff once Spectrum took over the branch.  This female associate perpetually made asinine comments such as, “Well for future reference I would just hang onto your paper statements if I were you,” and “you shouldn’t need those statements, my friend’s dad works for the IRS and says you can file those type of claims without having those statements.”  To address the first statement, I would have kept my paper statements if Time Warner had not constantly bombarded me with e-mails and paper letters to my home requesting me to switch to accessing my statements electronically.  This same company also guaranteed those statements could be accessed for minimum 12 months online.  So I figured why not save some paper.  Apparently that was a major mistake.  To address the second comment, I do not come to Spectrum for tax advice.  That is the service my CPA is paid to provide.  Secondly, if you as an individual are willing to take large deductions off your taxes without proof of those deductions and potentially be audited for tax evasion, that felony is on you.  I say no thank you.  Thirdly, it turned out she was completely incorrect about the office being able to access the statements. 


Terrance searches the system for approximately 10-15 minutes and comes up with some of the statements going back to May 2016.  Apparently, he could not retrieve the earlier statements because now that I had come back to the office in April, the April statement was no longer available to access (only available for 12 months).  For that missing month alone, that is near $198.16 that I would be unable to deduct without proof.  If the individual Tracy had pulled the statements when I initially presented, the entire run-around could have been avoided. 


I informed Terrence this has been the most ridiculous process and that I have the right to receive a copy of my requested billing statements.  In a patronizing manor he responds, “Yeah…okay sure…”  I also inform him that I have been in touch with a specific individual at the South Carolina Department of Taxation and Revenue who informed me that if I was unable to obtain these statements that I needed to contact him back directly so he could look into the matter for possible auditing of that particular branch (which is the person this post will also be sent to).  Terrance responds in a condescending tone, “Yeah that’s fine…go ahead…”  Needless to say I am livid by this point and my wife who also witnessed the encounter was appalled at the lack of professionalism and the poor attitude exhibited.  We requested the contact number for the district manager and we were provided the number for Robin Holoman (who is apparently just the store supervisor).


I called Mrs. Holoman on April 5, 2017 and left a message on her voicemail.  She indicated on her voicemail that she was out of the office on vacation for the next week.  I expressed my dissatisfaction with this entire process via voicemail and recommended that her staff needed follow-up training for customer service purposes and that they also needed education on how to navigate their computer system to access specific resources thus they could avoid instances like this in the future.  I also requested a call back to a number I provided because I still needed the remaining billing statements. 


It is now April 20, 2017, and I have yet to receive a call back from Mrs. Holoman and I still have yet to receive the supposedly mailed billing statements from Jarrell and Kristen in the Billing Department or Molick in the Customer Service Department.  I have checked with my local Post Office numerous times and the problem is not on their end.  Needless to say, this is absolutely absurd.  If a company cannot even provide a copy of a simple billing statement, what on earth makes an individual think they are actually capable of providing the services for which we are paying?  My internet is still having its signal frequently interrupted and the line has been tested.  The problem is with Time Warner a.k.a. Spectrum itself. 


It is no surprise my fellow neighbors all use HTC and now I see why.  Please be warned, this is not a company in which one would want to engage in commerce.  This is not a company we as a society should continue to trust or endorse.  If our values and opinions as customers mean so little to this corporation, then perhaps it is best we take our business elsewhere.  I know I intend on it.


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use your cancelled checks...

Why are you paying $196 a month for phone and internet? Seems about double of list price!Robot Sad



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I had a similiar experience and concur, this Company and its representatives are clueless when it comes to quoting truthful information and standing behind their products and services.   


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I contacted the Better Business Bureau as well and Trade commission to make complaints! They are horrible!!!
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Sorry to hear about the poor experience with customer service in getting this addressed, @Jackel278.  We ask that you please private message us at this link so we may further assist.


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