Re: If you have a problem with your payment, you're SCREWED (to put it mildly).

After some PM'ing back an forth with moderators, it's SUPPOSEDLY all fixed. My account is credited with my February payment that they haven't credited it with for the last month.
Guess what! If I check my online statement listing it still shows that I HAVEN'T BEEN CREDITED WITH THE PAYMENT. It still says I owe over $300.
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Re: If you have a problem with your payment, you're SCREWED (to put it mildly).

Good afternoon.


The website does not immediately update. You should see that 

within 3 business days.  You can see the amounts listed as credits under recent activity

on page just under the totals for the previous statement, last payment etc.


Please do let us know if you do not see that populate onto the payments section

within that time frame.


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Re: If you have a problem with your payment, you're SCREWED (to put it mildly).



Thanks for the info. However, it's been WAY more than 3 business days since my check cleared your sacred Payment Services (February 17 - March 13 = 3 business days?????).


In looking at the "Recent Activity" area online I do see three "TRANSFER BALANCE TO/FRM" that add up to a penny more than I supposedly still owe. If that is supposed to apply to my account why does it take 3 business days to take care of the "

Past Due Balance


Due Immediately


Is there a "Recent Activity" department to clear up problems between Billing, Collections, and Payment Services.


Oh wait, I forgot. Billing and Collections and Payment Services are all separate companies that don't talk to each other, or the customer (except Billing and Collections can harass customers for Payment Services failure to credit a customer for a payment).

The cancelled check, which my bank sent to you showing Wells Fargo deposit, should be available somewhere. I'd still like to know who had/has my money, what they're doing with it, and why it has taken all this (edited) to get three "almost credits" of $80, $40, & $30.88 in my account. Did they take up a collection in the Payment Services office till they finally got to my overdue amount of $150.87?? Screwy, at least.


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Re: If you have a problem with your payment, you're SCREWED (to put it mildly).

Satch wrote:

Phil5678 wrote:

As long as there is this sacred Payment Services group (that can do whatever the hell they want, whenever they feel like it or get around to it), and there is no contact with the real world, other than the magical "ticket" that comes from the outside to initiate some action on their part, then things will never change for the better. They can take their sweet time with entering our payments into the Billing or Collections systems (I'd love to know just WTF they do with our money, as I'm sure there is lots more than just my payment and yours they have control of. It certainly smells like some kind of FRAUD/THEFT - taking my money and not even acknowledging it.), and there isn't anything we can do quickly, or directly about it. Their firewall is supposedly absolutely impenetrable, until someone throws a "ticket" over the wall, and then they can take their "minimum 7 business days" deciding to "find" our payment and credit our account. All the while the Collections side is busy harassing us to pay our "overdue" bill.



I think that you point out a major problem with online transactions overall.  It's the reliance of a reliable computer, company, Internet connection, and at least two or more servers that are relaying that information.


Some friends and relatives have set up online only accounts for their TV, Internet, and Phone.  Not just Spectrum, I am talking about people with a mix of cable, dish, U-Verse systems.  They have this "On Line only."  Some people like it.  But I ALWAYS want to get a paper statement in the mail so that I can see what is happening with my services from month to month.  I don't want some totally automatic monthly withdrawal system, and years later, I happen to look at my records and have some $300 increase for whatever service.  I want to see what is happening.  I want to have the paper in my hand and see "yes" this was paid, this is due, and this is the timeframe.


I agree with you relying on some 100% automated situation, especially in the middle of a huge company transition does not make thing easy for anybody.



I charge all my monthly bills (cableTV, electric, phone, propane, cell phone, Netflix, etc.) to a credit card.  Why?  There are several reasons:


1.  To get rewards points.

2.  To have the arm of the credit card company at my disposal if there should be a problem.

3.  I have ONE bill to pay each month, rather than a dozen.


For TWC, I get a $1 per month paperless credit, so I take what I can get.  I still download my bill ecah month when it comes available.


In way of keeping on top of the cost, I use gnucash to track ALL my spending and earning.  And when an account (such as the cable bill) increases, I typically look over things with a fine tooth comb to determine why.  Recent increases have been attributed to an increase in the DTA fee, and the Broadcast TV surcharge.


There are those who will diagree with me when it comes to paying bills with credit cards, but since I pay off my balances each month, interest charges don't come back to bite me later.  I have my CC set to AutoPay the minimum each month, in the case I forget to pay the balance in full.  I'd rather be dealing with one creditor than twelve.




Re: If you have a problem with your payment, you're SCREWED (to put it mildly).

My account still doesn't reflect the $150.87 check that was cleared on February 17, 2017. There are 3 entries under the "Recent Activity" of my account that add up to the amount (plus $0.01). So how did this happen, that there are three entries, rather than one, and that under the "Payments" tab?????

In addition, my account still shows an overdue amount of $8.28. I still fail to see why this amount isn't $0.00??