Horrible installation

We just signed up for service and had it installed this week, but I am horrified at the installation. I specified all cable was to be installed behind our tv's but instead he installed in the spots that was previously used by prior home owner. He also drilled 2 holes in my brand new floor because he messed up the first hole and filled it with caulk. I have several pictures I would like to show. My 10 year old could have done better installation.

Re: Horrible installation

I'm very sorry for any poor experience. So that we can begin the damage claim process, can I have you private message your full address, first/last name on the account, and the phone number to @Forums_Help, please?

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Re: Horrible installation

TWC/Spectrum install subcontractors  aren't home AV system installers and aren't allowed time to do custom work. Good luck fishing walls if there's a finished basement...