Great Customer Service from Internet Support!

I had a fantastic experience with an agent but missed the survey call. How can I make sure my agent gets kudos?



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I'm glad to hear that you had a positive experience when contacting us and we appreciate you sharing your feedback on the Forums.  You can follow this link to the Customer Compliment Form and submit your feedback there.  As long as you include your account information and the date the interaction took place, we can track the information and provide your feedback to the agent and their supervisor.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.  We're here to help. 


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Re: Great Customer Service from Internet Support!

Thank you so much!

Re: Great Customer Service from Internet Support!

Am a senior citizen, unfortunately none of the Survey Rewards were considered for our Time Warner Turner Classic Movies bracket. Am wondering what percent of your customers are senior citizens guessing a lot. Please include us in the future.

Am also guessing no one at Time Warner will read this nor give a **bleep** what it says.

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Re: Great Customer Service from Internet Support!



I am sorry that you feel we don't care what you have to say. We absolutely do and we welcome any feedback you have for us. 


I am not certain what you mean by Survey Rewards. We customarily do not offer "rewards" 

for a survey.  Where did you see this survey? 


You can reach us directly if you like at TWC_ForumsHelp


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Re: Great Customer Service from Internet Support!

Be careful about any surveys that may appear after visiting the Time Warner website.


I personally had a "Survey Reward" offer pop up when leaving the Time Warner site roughly three months ago. My particular reward was for a free mp3 player at the expense of paying for the shipping costs of $4.99. I was extremely distrustful because it literally popped up after exiting the Time Warner site, however, I still continued with it because I truly believed it was from TWC. 


Needless to say, a week or so later I noticed an unknown charge in the amount of $39.84 appear under my transaction history when checking my bank account. The charge was for a herbal cream which is something I would never buy. I did not recognize the company and this situation instantly came to mind. I contacted the bank notifying them of the situation, filed a dispute, and contacted the customer service number for the charge.


The representative who answered the phone was from another company and became extremely confrontational when I started asking questions. I ended the call after very unpleasant and heated conversation because I knew what it was. You could hear no other agents in the background and she tried to tell me I went through a verification for the product. I knew it to be false. Even after disputing the charge, the fraudulent company still tried to contest my charge. I would not bend and my bank denied them. I was able to get my funds back.


In the end, it came down to a virus being unknowingly installed on my computer. Even with anti-virus software, I was unable to remove it and had to reformat my entire drive. Be careful with any survey, especially one that asks you for any type of payment information for shipping, etc.  For those who may encounter this contact TWC and they will have you forward the link/post the link to a specific place so authenticity can be reviewed.