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Yea I figured I would leave the account number in so they could contact me if they wanted to. And they did.... to tell me they removed the link. lol

Still no supervisor callback. Its been well over 24 hours now. I will definitely be calling back again on Monday if I don't get a callback, This whole thing has (edited)  all weekend. I thought ohh this will be a nice birthday gift to finally get the services I want for a reasonable price. But instead I just feel cheated, so far this has wasted 3 hours of my time easily.


Re: False advertising!

They only care if you are a NEW customer. If you are an existing customer they will (edited) and charge you more.




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I never got a callback from supervisor. Today in the mail... i got the offer again, basically a big (edited) from Spectrum. So i called again, spoke to 2 people and it looks like this offer is only valid if you are still on a Time Warner plan.  I spoke to a Supervisor and she was very helpful but could not give me the plan, to get what was offered it would be close to $30 dollars more than the offer. Just to be clear... this offer does not say anything even in the fine print saying you need to be a TW customer, i changed over to Spectrum in January. I cancelled my TV service completely and will go ahead and sign up with Direct TV NOW instead. I would cancel my internet if there was another provider in the area. Its got to be illegal to offer a rate and not honor it. I am a extremly unsatisfied customer.


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I received a email offer/False advertising! .. 

However, when I called the number.  1-888-510-6929
Our U.S.-based customer service team will upgrade your account at your special rate.


They wouldn't honor the offer. TWC/Spectrum kept saying it was for new customers only even though it clearly states it is for current customer. When that didn't work they then try to say it is for Time Warner customers. I told her to stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes, I have a brain and it is very clear in what it says. 

This has Attorney General complaint written all over it, especially if the offer is in writing.

BBB and local TV stations.

Since the offer is in writing in a email, Spectrum's refusal to honor that offer, I'd think that would raise a lot of interest and that you might get some help by contacting all of these.

i was already shopping around for a new provider. This is the deal that would have kept me as a customer.  Looks like many people re getting the same lies from Spectrum. 

The following has been copied and pasted from the actual email and from my Spectrum account.  

I pay $135.00 per month now the offer is for $89.98  per month.


My Services Now

Basic TV Service
Digi Tier 1
Expanded Basic Service
Spectrum Receiver

Spectrum Internet
WiFi Service


Phone Line
Primary TN Tracking
Statewide Long Distance
Unlimited Long Distance


The Offer
Email from: Spectrum <>
Your account is qualified to get better service
Your account is qualified to get
better service at a better rate.

When we became your new service provider, we made a promise to deliver the value and service that you deserve. After reviewing your account, we are pleased to present a special offer to upgrade to more powerful services for $30/mo* less than you are paying now.


The Side-By-Side Comparison Done by Spectrum


60 Mbps Internet
Limited Basic TV service
NO On Demand
Home Phone service

Keep your blazing-fast Internet speed of 60 Mbps
Includes FREE Internet modem and NO data caps

Your upgrade also includes FREE HD with access to FREE Primetime On Demand, plus FREE DVR service**

Voice service with no added taxes or fees.



Offer good through 4/30/17; subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have no outstanding obligation to Charter. *Savings based on current package pricing when upgrading to Spectrum TV, Internet and Voice services. **Bundle price for TV Select, Internet and Voice is $89.97/mo. for year 1; standard rates apply after year 1. Free DVR service for 1 DVR is for year 1; standard rates apply after year 1. DVR receiver required for DVR service and is extra. Install, other equipment, taxes, fees and surcharges extra; additional services are extra. For 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, visit General Terms: TV: TV equipment required and is extra. INTERNET: Available Internet speeds may vary by address. VOICE: Unlimited calling includes calls within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and more. Taxes and fees included in price. Services subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, subject to change. Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply.
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Re: False advertising!



I apologize for the frustration.  Please contact us by direct private message at Forums_Help with your account information, so we can look into this issue for you.  


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Re: False advertising!



I am looking into Direct TV and Basic Talk...

This deal would have made me a very happy loyal customer for a very long time. 


Now----not so much, and that's an understatement..



Re: False advertising!

I fell for it myself through a phone call from them in January, stating I would save money and not lose service.  Not only was my service downgraded without my knowledge, my bill nearly doubled.  Now I am being forced to pay more than I was for the lowered services.  All I keep being told is "Sorry, we can't help you" it's infuriating