Fake Account creation

I was called by a debt collection agency that contracts with Time Warner/Spectrum saying I owed almost $750 for an account opened in Dec. 2016 and closed in Feb. 2017 for non-payment.

I contacted time warner/Spectrum by phone and they claim I owe them $748.  Yet they have not come up with a single document to prove that account ever existed.  They never ran a credit check, never sent an email or a postal letter or made a phone call to me.  

I have had an account with Time Warner for two years, so they had my personal information on file.  It is so easy for an unethical employee commit this kind of identity theft.


They claim the equipment was installed at an address 1.5 hours away from me in a house that had a foreclosure completed in August 2016 and is still retained by the bank.

How do you deal with this kind of identity theft?  It is time for the government to step in and get rid of these terrible business practices.

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Re: Fake Account creation

Our company definitely takes repots of Identity theft seriously and have an entire process to follow in the event that an account was opened with your personal information without your consent.

Please download and fill out the Identity Theft Affidavit form (

Then email the Affidavit, Police Report, and Supporting Documents to

If you have any other questions, please contact our Risk Operations group at 855-222-7342


Re: Fake Account creation

Your solution is non viable.

TWC apparently has no evidence or is unwilling to provide evidence to support their claim that there was a real account. The debt collection company could not provide me with physical evidence, only a phone call demanding payment.

Now you say I am supposed to jump thru hoops, fill out a 5 page form to maybe prevent this extortion from continuing?

My solution: I have filed a complaint against TWC with the NY State Attorney General for fraud, Identity Theft and extortion. I will fill out your form but it will state that to the best of my knowledge it was TWC that committed the crime and is protecting the employee(s) that perpetrated the Identity Theft.
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Re: Fake Account creation

What benefit would TWC or an employee get out of doing this?  If it was an "inside job" then they could have used better information about you than the account apparently had.  I suspect it is not too difficult to get enough information on someone to create a cable account and maybe get the hardware shipped (no truck to arrive).  ID theft can get enough information to open or even use existing credit cards.  I do not see where TWC/Spectrum accused it was you that actually owes them, they just passed an unpaid bill to collection (since they never could get ahold of you at the information they had on that account) and the collection agency connected you to your current information.  They could have closed your current account if they really suspected they are the same person.  It is a pain, but you need to go through the process (including the police report).  I have had to do that for credit card purchases that were not near where I was nor lived nor had anything to do with me or my family.  Part of the digital world.