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Back in February, we requested our service to stop by March 18, 2017  (the end of the billing cycle) because we will be moving and will no loger be needing internet service. I spoke to two diferrent TWC/Spectrum representatives who  confirmed that yes, they will stop the service by then. Today I receive a bill in the mail for services for the period of March 20 - April 19, 2017  --- we won't even be having internet service then! I spoke to another representative who said to just disregard this bill that we received, and that we will get another bill--the final bill--on April 10, since TWC sends out their billing statements every 10th of the month.


I understand that TWC sends their bill in advance every 10th of the month, but since we called and informed them of our decision to stop the service way back in February, they should have sent us the final bill this month instead.  Upsetting.


Re: Complaint - Billing and Service

I second the lying of Time Warner of Spectrum.  In February '17 (this year) I log into my account and select a new internet plan.  I run through the steps of filling out the online form.  I reach the "completed" page.  Then come the automated emails congratulating my new plan selection but I need to call TWC Spectrum to complete my setup.  I should have known, "bait & switch".  Then on the phone w/ a TWC Spectrum rep, the closest price they can give me to the one offered when I was logged into my account will now cost $9 more.  The rep says the offer should have not been on the page - "it's an old TWC offer, not a TWC "Spectrum offer.  I get the full lecture how they are not TW any longer, they're Spectrum.  I reply that I still login to the same account.  My auto-mated payment is still managed by me online at this sign in location.  I further note, it says TWC Spectrum.  I argue to no avail. and I suck it up and accept the higher priced plan.  They congratulate me and tell me I'm now receiving one of their higher internet plans for a great discounted price - and it's good for 12 mo. - I don't have to worry for a year.  I do have to contact them in 12 mo. to seek a new plan if I want to maintain a promo discount off whatever plans are available in 12 mo.  I go home with my new modem in hand.  I plug it in - and no internet.  On the phone w/ TW Spectrum for a couple hours and finally everyone resigns to, it will take a technician to drive out to address.  Next day, technician after over an hour figures out it's an incompatible modem and he provides me another and I'm backon the internet after 48 hours from my first selection of a bogus plan.  I receive my first bill (pro-rated; its a partial month on the new plan) and it's priced correctly per the new 12 mo. promo plan.  The next bill comes in (1 1/2 mo later), and now I'm billed $5 addl., or $14 addl. from the "bait & switch" promo plan I had originally selected online but TW Spectrum would not honor.  I call in tonight.  I speak to Elfy in Manila.  He explains in a hard to understand accent that although I get a $20 discount and free modem (a promotion), its not a promo plan and it's really not a discount.  However their list price is $20 more than I'm currently charged, before or after the $5 increase.  He says, our list price went up $5 but you don't have to pay full list price because you get a $20 discount, but not a promo.  But I will start being charged for the modem and full list price in 12 mo. - but according to Elfy I'm not on a promotion they feel they need to honor.  I'm beside myself and trying to understand if I just fell into the twighlight zone or I'm speaking to a really dishonest representative that fits in with a really dishonest TW Spectrum.  As for a promo lasting 12 mo., Elfy in Manilla says he doesn't see it as a promo but I don't pay full list prices, but I don't receive a discount.... but my price will go up significantly in 12 mo., but its not a promo.

TWC Spectrum is the WELLS FARGO of cable providers... and I'm already reading about in on social media and my local neighborhood Nextdoor of people's disgust w/ this company.

What a dishonest, rhetoric company - like we need another one of these in our society of cheats and liars.

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Re: Complaint - Billing and Service



I apologize for the frustration.  Unfortunately, this is not an issue we can address in this department.  We recommend that you contact us at 1-800-892-4357 or visit a local Spectrum store, if you still need assistance.  


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