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Yes, rates will go up. No fee for modems but pkgs up 30%+ especially when your anny yr ends. No warning, just increase in your bill. Happened to me this week. I onky have one box, no premiums. My monthly went from $117 to $163. Negotiations impossible except to lose more cable stations. Their negotiation process to upsell was nearly one hour n me pleading with them I could not pay n could only choose between medicine or cable. Finally offered me pkg at $129. I lost 100 cable stations n downgraded my internet.  Nothing in our lives goes up 30%+, especially my social security.  They should not get away with it.  


Spectrum Prices- customer complaints are unheard

This is my fourth attempt to get a response from TWC that why prices and have gone exponentially and why I can not go back to monthly plan once promotion offer is over. I am hoping that I will get something this time. My present experience with TWC/Spectrum is terrible and it is apparent that no one is caring about customer’s satisfaction in Spectrum. Here are the details:

This is with reference to Ticker number is 2********

I am an existing customer of TWC for close to 3 years and I have never complained about any services from TWC until now.  I have been using TWC internet services that was costing me around 35$/month and then I was in touch with TWC Customer care (around Nov -2015) about a deal of bundle services that include phone and internet @ 50$/month so I went for it even though I did not intend to use phone services much.

This Jan-17, I realized that my monthly charges have gone exponentially high and were costing me around 80$/ month. On inquiry, I learnt that my promotion was over and this is the reason for additional 30$/month charges. When I called Customer care and requested to downgrade my services and bring it back to original package 40$/month, they suggested me to inquire and call back after a week since TWC was merging to Spectrum and I may get a better deal.

I waited for a week and called customer care but learnt that no internet services are available for existing customer which can cost less than 65$ (100 Mbps). Customer care stated that indeed I have a great speed of 200 Mbps but first of all, I don’t want to pay high for the speed that I don’t want and second I have never witnessed my internet connection more than 40 Mbps so far.


After couple of days,  I got email from TWC/Customer care that I have a deal that is 30$/month for each services and I went and submitted for this request online, after login to my existing account. I waited for couple of days for seeing the difference in my monthly rate. To my surprise, I got email from customer care that they need to call me back for the given order number# 3********* . I was told that this offer is not for existing customer. I was really disappointed because I had entered my existing account details before choosing this option and system had let me go forward with the selection.


Again, last week I got another email that I can get 44$/ monthly bill for internet services and on calling customer care again, they gave me same reason and did not change my plan.


Today, I got another call from TWC that I am a valued customer and they offered me another plan which was even higher than my existing plan( though with addition of another service) and they confirmed that my current speed is 30/5 and it will be 100 Mbps after upgrade.


So there are many questions which are unanswered:
1. Why I am not allowed to go back to my standard package of 40$/month(since this was not promotional offer) if my current promotion of 50$ is over?
FYI, all my friends/neighbors are still paying 40-45$ monthly charges for TWC internet connection.

2. Why I am getting emails to sign up and call customer care when they are not intended for me?

3. Why I was requested to wait for a week when there was a chance that cost may go up after the merger?

4. Why it let me submit the order , even after entering my account details, when I did not qualify for that?

5. Isn’t that too much to ask customer to pay minimum 65$ for internet? Why there are no services which are cheaper and may not have great speed, like 30 Mbps.
6. Do TWC really care about valued customer? If yes, why I did not get any response for the email that I sent about my frustration with TWC.There is no place to provide customer feedback in the website. Do you want customers to go out and tell the world when there is a problem or you want to know directly from customer and at least provide a
resolution/work around to make customer happy.





Re: Charter Spectrum Prices

NO I can confirm that I just switch to AT&T they didn't even want to give me a discounted price, sounds like to me Charter is going to lose tons of customers before they give in to lower prices, My bill went up by $20. Went with AT&T and saved over $20 a month plus they gave me a free smart watch and a up to $150 rewards, looks like AT&T knows what to do to attract customers. 


Runaway from Charter if you can, that are not customer friendly anymore, I like twc 100x better. Give me back twc!


Re: Charter Spectrum Prices

Yep. I'm a  longtime TWC customer in an very competitive market (Austin). I have 300mbps at $80ish. If I add any new services, something providers normally want,  the cost will go up $40-$50 more. This is insane in a market where AT&T and Google are throwing 1000mbps at customers for the price I'm currently at. So when I move next month, I will definitely be leaving Speculum.

Also their website is poorly made.


Re: Charter Spectrum Prices

My monthly fee went down from 112 to 73 - Monthly fee went down