Callousness after merger

For some strange reason, Charter was given the ok by the FCC or whomever to enter the NY market, taking over Time Warner. Not only didn't they bring anything new to the table but they immediately raised their rates and got rid of some of the most watched staff and programs on NY1. Customers are leaving in droves and Spectrum's answer is that they are now interested in attracting younger viewers. Well, guess what? Younger viewers have abandoned cable tv and are now paying for Netflix and Hulu, and are live streaming other shows. They've not interested in going back to cable, especially at the rates Spectrum is charging. Companies today are realizing that customers are now more selective about paying for only the things they want. Besides anyone in the city still interested in cable would do better with FIOS with its faster cable and better picture quality, not to mention better service. I know people who've had FIOS for many years and have never ONCE had to reboot their cable box or modem! I have trouble imagining how that could be possible! I'm just waiting for FIOS to make another special offer and I'm outta here!

Re: Callousness after merger

They're horrible...will do nothing for the seniors. I am disabled with rheum arth for35 yrs and in a wheelchair. tv is all I have. and my bill went up 30.00 a month to 146. no one will work for me. One cust rep said "well, if you cant afford it, you cant afford it. Its better to have to pay out less than just have to figure out what is important to you". I get nothing but internet, tv and phone. she was condescending like she was speaking to a child. I told her I know but this is all I have. I dont go out dancing and dining. I'm almost 70 in a wheelchair. I've called 5 times and no one will help me. they say drop the dvr...or stop getting the one station I love..foxsports ohio so I can watch my cavs and indians. basic cable is 10.00 more than what I am paying now. amazing how callous and cold they are. its sad and makes you feel little.