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Hi, I taped all my conversations today. They made a total of 21 different offers and quoted around 15 different price schemes for each service. One of them even shocked me.. the guy said the lady before him was able to lower the price of the modem fee, and absolutely noone since then has confirmed that can be done. Well, I have a copy of the conversation. I wish I could play it back, for all the inquiries I made today, you would be shocked. The one guy didn't know you could cancel for one month and then reapply. Every rep next to him even, said it couldn' t be down. Well, he talked to his super, bam, yes, not 6 months. They are not advising their reps, or not desiring them to know the real deals that can be offered. I do have quantify this, though and say, at the very end, the last rep, set me up fairly well, but I had to lower my TV service to Standard, oh well, RD

Re: Bill Increase Complaint!

Sorry to hear about the poor experience, @psongman. We ask that you please private message the account information to us at this link so we may have this addressed.


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Re: Bill Increase Complaint!

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Sick and tired of this! Their cheaper bundles are only available for NEW customers but not for us old customers.. TWC is simply saying "screw you old customers. We want new customers" I've been with TWC for al last 7yrs but for the past 3 years they've been giving me the run around about my bill going up and told me " you cannot have cheaper bundle because those cheaper bundles are only for new customers and you cannot have a discount since you are an old customer" by Monday am moving to direct TV.

Re: Bill Increase Complaint!

I, too, will be leaving! I've been a great customer but am tired of the increases!
I will be going to Verizon Fios. Much cheaper there!

Re: COMPLAINT - Bill Increase

I'm just waiting for Google Fiber to come to my neighborhood! That seems to be an actual solution to my internet problems

Re: COMPLAINT - Bill Increase

Uh, hold on a minute.

TWC is a monopoly, at least for internet. In nearly all their areas.
If you don't like the price at Chevron, you can drive to Arco, or Texaco, or Exxon.

Try that with the internet, there is often only one, and they have successfully been able to stay an unregulated monopoly all these years.  Or there might be two. In my case I had ATT, who failed to upgrade my block, all the blocks  around me, they can get 15 or 20 meg from ATT, but not my block, they skipped it. I couldn't even listen to Pandora.

I am stuck with TWC.

So up and down your street, you're paying $78, the guy next door is paying $190, and the person across the street is paying $46, and you all get the same thing from TWC.

Why is that OK?  It shouldn't be.

Why should you be economically disadvantaged by a vendor?  If Kmart tried charging some customers extra for a box of MaxiPads because they are a new or old customer, the justice department would be suing them.

Here's how it should be:

If I want to buy internet from TWC, they should have a price for that, like Kmart has a price for a box of Maxi Pads. Kmart might put them on sale, but mostly we all pay the same that day. That's what's fair.  Constant price hikes? Charging adjacent customers widely varying amounts? That is not reasonable.

If they want to sell you TV, they should have a fair price for that. You should pay the same as the next door neighbor does, and it should not be based on your negotiation ability.

I don't want to be constantly finagled with constantly changing prices like at the Persian Bizaar in Teheran.

This is America, where you don't have to negotiate the price of a chicken with the butcher at Albertsons.

Entitled children?

This is America, where we don't have to haggle over the price of everything, like in some countries.  Or we're not supposed to have to.
I'll tell you what this is like.

It's like the Persian Rug Merchants have taken over corporate America. And I don't like it.
TWC-JuliaR just mentioned the standard prices, well, there's no such thing. Those "standard prices are sky high to make the ads they constantly send out seem attractive.

But really, we all just want a fair shake.

We don't want to have constant price hikes tested on us to see if we complain, and if we don't they'll hike it again.
That's not reasonable.


Re: COMPLAINT - Bill Increase

I totally agree in my area of upstate NY, TWC internet is a monopoly no one else offers internet so they charge what ever they want because TWC is very aware that in 2016 it's very difficult to manage without internet so they continue to take Advantage and some how the FCC does nothing but watch them cheat and steal from the public.
I refuse to sit around and watch this happen I've written the FCC and my congressman and will encourage others to do the same until we the public force a change. If we don't do something to change this TWC will continue to line their illegal pockets with billions of dollars

Re: COMPLAINT - Bill Increase

Say this:
Internet is the Public Switched Telephone Network

of the 21st century. We need it like we needed phone a few generations ago.

Treat it like that was.

We no longer care much about phone, this is our new replacement.


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My internet/cable bill went from $89.99 a month when I signed up 2 years ago to the now $159.88 a month.  That is a HUGE increase.!!!! Almost doubled.  And they have the audacity to put a commercial on T.V. making fun of Dish Network about their rate increases.  Well, they're calling the kettle black on this one.  Every few months my bill increases.  I can't afford any more than what I am paying now.  I ma a loyal customer who has never missed a payment.  This is my thanks.


Re: COMPLAINT - Bill Increase

They worry more about new customers, than trying to keep there old customers.