I had paid my balance on 3/21/17 with my checking information. I kept checking with my bank and online acct to verify payment was taken.  On bank side it had been there for 2 weeks and not been taken. When I checked on my TWC/Spectrum online it said the payment was made. I thought made it was takeing that long for the check to process. It was until I was charged $25 for the returned check that I called to find out why I was charge for a returned check when the payment was never taken by TWC/spectrum the agent said she was sorry and would credit me back the $25 charge. I explained that the payment was there minus the $25 charge  she said all I had to pay was $25 so I paid that on 3/31/17 she told to call the 3rd party you use for collection once she processed the payment she put me on hold so she could get the process charged to my bill. The call dropped I called back and made the payment with the IVR system . I called back to let theM know I had made the payment then I called the 3rd party to have my check stopped like I was told to do since the payment had been made when I called I was told they could not stop the check from being run again that it had to TWC/spectrum that had to call so I call TWC/spectrum again I kept getting hung up on that was 2 times before I got an agent who said she had not heard that so she put me on hold to check when she came back she gave me the to financial which I called and it needs a 7 digit number for the agent you are trying to call, I called TWC back again I was told that they do not have the 7 digit number i asked to speak to a sup I spoke to a sup named AX who told me their was nothing he could do that the agent who had said I was going to get the credit from I was not going to get the credit because It was my banks fault for not paying I had already called the bank and they had said that TWC/Spectrum had never tried to process the check they only thing that they processed was the $25 charge I told him a have my cell on notification to let me know when a payment is being processed by that time I was highly upset asked for his name and employee number which he told he could do he could only give me his name. I called back and asked to speak to a sup by this time I had spent most of my day calling TWC / spectrum the last sup I talked to was going to have them research and find out what happen I would someone would be calling me back.  I got a call on 4/10/17 I checked my voice mail and it was automated call saying that their was a change in my account so I called back and was told that I needed to fax my bank statement in I told her I could not fax them but I would take them in on friday she said that would be ok.  So I work from home and my services get turned off because I owe the $241 I call back and have to explain to an agent who goes over everything I already know so I ask to speak to sup who I spend 2 hours on this call she gets on and goes over everything again I keep telling all of this goes back to the $241 payment that never got processed by TWC/Spectrum so she says she can turn the services back on if I pay $32 i try to pay with my checking info which does not go through because I am flaged for an ISSUE THAT IS TWC/SPECTRUMS FAULT so I pay it with my neices bank card. I am sure I am going to get another $25 charge for the returned check since it was returned today

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I have had the same types of problems with billing for the past two months (two payments.)


I pay my account through on-line bill pay through my bank.  This is not the automated Spectrum payment plan, but I log into my bank and pay the payee (in this case TWC from my bank when the payment comes due.)  I pay WELL IN ADVANCE of the due date every time.


What happens is that I pay through my bank and the confirmation number shows that payment is delivered.  But as many as ten days go by and I check the Spectrum billing information through My Account.  Last month, ten days pass between the delivery of the check to Spectrum and no payment processed to my account.


 Last month, I sent a PM to Spectrum with my account information and a screenshot showing my bank's confirmation number.  It took that PM to Spectrum to get the proper credit to my account.


Flash forward to April.  My paper statement from Spectrum comes about March 28th.  I make my cable payment to Spectrum on April 2nd.  (I try to pay early, really early.)  My bank says, "Delivery on or before April 6th."  I check my account activity online at my bank.  The confirmation number shows that the payment was delivered to Spectrum on April 6th.  I check my Online Statement on April 11th at my bank.  No record of the transaction being posted.  I check "My Services."  No record of the payment being received.


Once again, I am going to have to send my account information in a PM to Spectrum with a payment confirmation screenshot.  This time, I have even contacted my bank to ask TWC why this month I did not even get a posting to my Online bank statement.  I only sent my payment in around April 2nd.  Why is it taking 10 days to get Spectrum to credit my account!!!  I am afraid of my services being cut off!


What I would love more than anything else in the world is for a billing tracker option.  Like with UPS or the postal service.  I would like to be able to track my payment online from when I click submit from my bank, to the showing that Spectrum has gotten payment.


I also need to add that I have been a loyal TWC customer since 1990.  I think maybe ONCE in all those years, I had a late payment problem.  What is going on with the billing system at Spectrum that customers are getting these long payment processing times?  What is Spectrum doing to remedy this?  For decades, payment has been posted within five days at most at TWC.  Can anybody comment on this?  Many customers have had these billing problems, and it has only happened since the merger.  Please help!




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I'm very sorry for any poor experience. We will be happy to review the account and work from there. Can I have you private message your full address, first/last name on the account, and the phone number to @Forums_Help, please?

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Re: Billing

You do realize that bank bill pay is just your bank mailing Spectrum a check with your account information correct? So you've got the process time for your bank to print and mail, the mail delivery time, and then the process time to process a check payment. Anytime I have a customer that uses bank bill pay and complains about late fees, I always advise them that bank bill pay and 3rd party payment centers will take upwards of 7-10 business days or more for us to receive that payment. I highly recommend just using your MyAccount to make your payments, you can use checking/debit/credit.

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