A one hour and twenty one minutes phone call

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I recently moved to my new apartment and I called on the day I move to transfer my internet service to my new address. The lady on the phone told me that it would take about three working days for me to get connection to the internet. I'm former twc user and I usually get my internet immediately after I change my address since my entire community use twc ( I live in (edited) where most people were recommended to use twc for easy and quick set up), thus I thought this time would be the same. Anyway, so I thought I would just use my phone for couple more days until they reconnect me to their service; however, when I plugged my modem into the wall that day, I had my internet service! I was pretty happy about it and I thought the lady on the phone helped me! Until two days after I moved into my new place, my internet was disconnected. Thereby, I called the customer service, and all they said was that there is one working order on my account ( which I couldn't login anymore) on June 12 ( I moved in on june2), and until the tap connect to the pole thing is done then I'll get my internet service back. I was shocked and very confused. First of all, I did got my internet service on the first two days so why'd you disconnected me from internet when it's working perfectly fine? Secondly, when I called about changing my address, the lady on the phone said it would only take three work days. Thereby, eight days aren't exactly three working days. I tried to use the live chat customer service many times and they said there's nothing they can do until the work order is done. Finally, I called the customer service because the live chat turned out to be just a big waste of time. After an hour long phone call explaining how I had internet and lost it, they finally helped me fix it, and I got my internet service back. I was annoyed but mostly happy about the situation until today. I lost my internet today out of the blue, so I gave livechat a chance and told them I need my internet service back. And the same thing happened again, the personal told me I have a work order on June 12 blah blah blah and they can't do anything about it. Thus I was recommended to call the customer service again which I did. I thought this would be easy since last time after an hour call I got my internet back so maybe this time it would take less time to get it back. And I was sooooooooooo wrong. Nope, after an hour and twenty one minutes, nothing changes. Nothing. They transferred me to six people, SIX. the First Lady transferred me to technical support and the second lady from the technical support told me that they can fix this today and said I needed a work order to activate my service. I asked her that wether this is going to happen again or not cuz I don't want to waste my time calling customer service all the time for no service ( I was determined that if this happens once again, I'm switching to att), and she promised me that they can fix this all I need to do is to get a work order for activate service. So she transferred me to another person to create a work order. The new guy on the phone didn't know what to do. So, I repeated everything and told him that I need a work order to activate my service. After long wait, he told me that he sent signals to my modem and all I need to do is tell the technical support that I need to activate ( at this time, I was very confused with all the "activate service" thing) my service blah blah blah. And then he transferred me again ( I waited for like 10 minutes ) and a guy picked up and asked me what I need, and I just told him the same thing ( blah blah blah), and he said I was in the wrong department so he transferred me to another person. At this time, I was extremely stressed because I was on the phone with stupid customer service for 50 minutes and nothing seemed to be done. Anyway, a lady picked up and asked the same thing ( verify your ID and address blah blah blah) and asked me WHAT I NEED, so I have to tell my story again blah blah blah, and she said she would help me activate my account ( surprise! Well, big surprise for me cuz I have no idea I need to activate my account ) and blah blah blah ( on the phone for 20 minutes) AND SHE TRANSFERRED ME AGAIN. At this time, I cried a little ( yes, I'm very dramatic. Think about an international student who lives by herself and don't have any internet connection which she paid for, and she was taking online classes and didn't finish her Kung fu panda on Netflix and were on her phone for an hour and five minutes for customer service that do nothing. Ha! You be just as stress. However, the tear can also be the cause of my onion finger. I made salad before I call the customer service ), I thought the last lady would have the answer. Let me tell you, she is the worst. She wasn't rude or anything, but she told me there's nothing she can do and told me about the stupid work order on June 12 again. She said I don't have internet because I need a tap to connect to the pole to activate the service (blah blah blah) and all I know is that I don't believe her because I had my internet before and I was living my life, riding my unicorn. She explained how my previous internet access was just temporary access, so I asked her to give me temporary access like they did before, and she said no. That's my sad story, after an hour and twenty one minutes long phone call, I was back to where I began. The tap connection to the pole work order. I think what I'm mostly upset about is that they wasted my time and not only make zero progress but they also had me repeated six times about why I'm calling. I'm very very upset, and I'm going to cancel my service and run straight to att if the June 12 work order didn't bring me my unicorn internet back. I'm THAT upset. I don't blame the people who worked on the phone, and I'm pretty sure they were just trying to do their job; but I'm extremely tired and upset with spectrum not getting its **bleep** together and provide good service to its customers. I studied and wrote an essay about cable monopolies last semester and I understand this is happening, but I don't care about those stuff (since I'm not from here), all I care is my freaking internet connection. So make sure I get my internet back on June 12, otherwise, I'm running to att asap. Sorry, I'm still mad about the one hour and twenty one minutes long phone call. So here I'm, writing a long stupid response.


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(Solved) How spectrum handles things: all the lies and excuses

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Two days ago I wrote a post about my experience after a one hour and twenty one minutes phone call with the customer service. Today, I'm writing another post on how spectrum handles things and lies to my face after I waited for two days without internet service. I used online chat today with three different spectrum customer support employees. Around 4 pm I contact the first person. The first person told me my work order is today and it will be done by the end of the day. I was not happy about it but I'm willing to wait until "the end of the day" ( I assumed that means 8pm). So I went to class and Kroger, when I got back it's already 8:30. I contacted the second person, and the second person told me that I'm having internet trouble shoot, and told me to reset my modem, and I did, which didn't work. I lost contact with the second person, so I contact the third person. The third person told me my work order is an ALL DAY WORK ORDER, which means that there is no exact time when technician will be visiting there. Furthermore, this person told me that my work order is scheduled on JUNE 13 (!?) and advise me to wait for another day...

First lie: technician is currently working on it ( 1st person)
Second lie: it's internet trouble shoot, restart your modem (2nd person)

Third lie: work order is scheduled on 6/13 ( which I had snapshot that says otherwise, it was supposed to be today 6/12)

All I can say is I'm extremely upset, with all the lies and excuses. Spectrum makes me feel like I'm not important and not valued as a customer. Im giving spectrum one last chance to fix this, I'm waiting for another day for the internet service. Otherwise, I'm switching to WoW and I'll post my snaps online with hashtags whyWowis better choice. Fix this and pls get your (edited)  together cuz this is painful for me as a customer, I believe every customer should be valued, and no one should go through this like I did. I have never experience services this bad. Again, I don't blame the agents online and on the phone, I blame spectrum. It failed me and caused me extreme stress.


I just got my internet service back after a two minutes phone call with agent on the phone. ( same day 10:50 pm) The whole thing turns out to be a miscommunication...
It's quite funny ( not really). It turns out that some agents accidentally registered three modems on my account ( and I only have one modem). This is the reason why my modem can't pick up signals because signals were sent to other modems. I think it's funny and sad. How come all other agents I spoke to didn't notice that I have three modems on my account? Anyway, I appreciate the help from the agent who helped me with solved this issue and gave me my internet back. He is extremely helpful and i hope he get promoted cuz he is good.