A Tale of Two Technicians

About a week ago I had internet installed after not having it for about five years.  Even though I had TWC previously (cable only), already had the cable installed in my apartment and a line outside, it took the technician about three hours to "install" my new service.  He was on the phone a lot and I thought he may be new or inexperienced.  He was nice, but at one point made a comment which I thought was a little inappropriate.  I have a very small apartment, pretty much a studio.  At one point he asked me "So is it just you and the kids?".  I don't have kids nor does anything in my apartment suggest that I do.  I thought that was odd and presumptuous.  Anyway, once it was installed, throughout the week every time I went on the internet (mostly in the form of Netflix) it was very slow and I kept losing service.  It was extremely frustrating, especially since I had purchased separately a very "baller" (according to the Best Buy guy) Netgear Wireless Router.  This past Saturday, my internet service was down for almost five hours.  I was frustrated beyond belief.  I called the help line and they gave me some automated steps to re-boot everything, which I followed.  Still no service.  I called again and this time was able to speak with someone, Anthony, who was extremely helpful.  He said he could see on his end that my modem had been losing power quite often and that he would schedule a technician to come out the next day.  He also did some remote diagnostic testing and we were able to get the internet back up and running.  He was great and nice and really helpful.  Later that evening, I received a phone call from TWC from someone with an incredibly thick Indian accent.  He was not very nice and was basically trying to get me to cancel my technician appointment.  I told him that even though my service was up and running again, I still wanted someone to come out and make sure the installation was done correctly since it seemed to go out all the time.  At this point he decided to argue with me and said "no, not all of the time".  Well hey, I've had it for one week and it going out one time is more than what it should be as far as I'm concerned.  I kept my technician appointment for Sunday.  Ryan should up on a very rainy Sunday morning (yesterday in fact).  I told him I didn't understand what was happening because the technician who had done the initial installation had said I had a very strong signal, but that was not the experience I was having.  Ryan did his thing and after checking everything, told me that the cable line running from my wall on the inside to the cable box on the second story was a bad line.  He said that while the signal strength was very good from up there, by the time it got down to my apartment it was not good.  He suggested running a new cable line, we agreed to placement, and he got to work installing the rain and mud mind you.  He took great care to wear booties which covered his shoes as he came in and out, as well as to shake off his rain coat so he would minimize getting anything in my apartment.  He hooked up the line, I tested it with Netflix and could not believe how fast it loaded night and day from before!!  He also cut out part of the old, bad cable line and showed me a bunch of little holes that were poked in it from the carpet tacks.  He said that was likely causing problems as well.  I don't normally write reviews or make comments on sites, but Ryan was so helpful and I appreciated him taking the extra step to find out what was truly going on and really solving the problem.  I thought I would receive an automated call after the service so I could leave a review but I never got one so just wanted to leave one here.


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The tree rodents nail the overhead lines outside and the carpet installers  stretchers nail the lines tucked between the carpet and baseboards... Major source of loss, noise ingress and egress

Glad it's fixed.


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Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.  I apologize that your services required a follow-up visit, but I am glad to hear the Ryan was able to get everything working correctly for you.  I included a link where you can leave Employee Feedback about Ryan.   I would like to also look into your installation experience as well.  For follow-up with your installation, please contact us directly by private message at TWC_ForumsHelp.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


Thank you for choosing us as a service provider and thanks for participating in the Forums. 


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