Weird issues with remote control and DVR

Starting today, the rewind and fast forward buttons on the remote (when watching a DVRed program), instead of progressively getting faster (1x to 5x) skip forward or backward 15 minutes at a time. And it keeps skipping forward or backwards until we hit play. Then it switches to slow motion fast forward until we hit pause and then play. Another issue is the inability to manually punch in channel numbers - have to go to the guide and select a channel from there. Anyone else having these issues?

There have been nothing but problems with our DVR since the new software from the switch from TWC to Spectrum. Never had any issues with the old TWC DVR interface. Now half the time the supposedly recorded shows aren't available to watch. Usually it is the day after a show that the recording isn't available. It is almost like they are using the On Demand feature instead of actually recording a show. On Demand isn't available for a day or two after a show originally airs, and the DVR recording is the same. Very frustrating. The switch to Spectrum definitely has not represented an improvement in our service. It has gone downhill in every respect since. We are on the verge of a switch to a satellite service.

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Re: Weird issues with remote control and DVR

I am sorry to hear you have had trouble with the DVR. Since you noticed the odd behavior

have you unplugged the cable box and rebooted it? If this did not work it could be that the DVR needs to be replaced or it could be an issue with the signal levels to the device.


if after the powercycle you are still seeing the problems, and all connections are tight, I would suggest contacting us directly to look into this. 


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