Volume Control using the Cable Box

I am using an LG LCD computer monitor with speakers to watch TV. Everything is working great, and I able to use all the functions. The one issue I am having is that I am unable to control the volume of the monitor because it does not have its own remote or IR.


But I know that cable set top boxes have their own volume control. So you can set a max volume on the TV and just use the cable box to control the volume up to that setting. But I cannot get it to work either from the remote or by hitting the volume up and down buttons right on the cable box.


Any ideas on how I can control the volume on the monitor with the cable box and remote control?

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Re: Volume Control using the Cable Box

Two steps.

You need to configure the cable box to send a variable audio output.

Second you’ll need to configure the remote’s volume controls to change the variable output from the box instead of the tv.

The exact steps are a function of the box you have. I recall this being easy in the analog days. Not sure now with hdmi.
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Re: Volume Control using the Cable Box

Back in the analog video days, before the recent Spectrum digital migration, it was possible to program SOME set top converters to deliver a variable audio output to RCA jacks on the realr panel, but that option also normally disabled sound coming from the TV receiver. 

However, today's digital cable set top boxes cannot alter the audio level contained within the digital bit stream going into the television receiver, and this user isn't even using a real TV receiver, just a digital video monitor.  The remote that Spectrum supplies with the current boxes only communicates over an IR link to the cable interface and a subset of various integrated A-V system components.  That integration normally requires digital (HDMI or fiber-optic) interfaces on all boxes.

Since the computer monitor being used does not have its own IR-link volume control along with an internal audio system, there's no way for the Spectrum remote to adjust audio levels of the external speaker sound bar (which has just an analog stereo input akin to a headset).   I suggest that it's time to upgrade to a "real" HD entertainment receiver. 


Re: Volume Control using the Cable Box

Thanks for the replies. I was able to navigate to the Devices menu and try other settings. And the volume bar did appear, but no sound was coming through. So I suspect that option just isn't going to work.

The reason I am going with this setup is because the monitor is dual use. During the day I use it for my computer monitor. But in the evening am able to use it as a TV. But it's not my main TV setup. So I don't really want to invest in a serious home theater system.

Can I get a simple digital home theater receiver and connec through it? Or will I need to get a receive AND a something like a soundbar if I want to control the volume remotely?

Thanks again!