Samsung HD Box Error Code: OCAP/APP

need help understanding what this means? I've rebooted my cable box several times and I keep getting the same error message OCAP & APP HOW CAN THIS BE FIXED???
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Re: Samsung HD Box Error Code: OCAP/APP



     It sounds like your box may be stuck during the boot process. I've had it happen to me, too. Try this: 


1) Unplug the box and leave it be for at least 30 minutes. This may allow it to clear out any unknown junk in its cache.


2) Replug it afterward and leave it be.


     Sometimes, the Samsung boxes will try to repair themselves by rebooting and internally forcing the issue. If it continues to sit there stuck on "OCAP" and "APP" for more than 10 minutes, either call/chat in or take it in immediately to your local office for repair.




Re: Samsung HD Box Error Code: OCAP/APP

it can take 45 minutes to download and another 15 to reset. During the download you should see decrementing hexadecimal numbers, once done it then has to reload/ reset 10 pages, will have a Sisco screen during the later reset/ reloads

 You may also have bad signal levels, make sure there's no extra splitters or dead splitter ports going nowhere- and everything is shiny and tight, not corroded.



copy and paste your modems signal level pages, hopefully it's on the first 2 way splitter with the cable box on the other half.

 Levels are at or



Re: Samsung HD Box Error Code: OCAP/APP

Is this a really old box, they can have issues with new firmware crashing(machines are just so old for modern software, if so take it back in and get a new one(if it says Scientific Atlanta on the box, its getting old). At any rate when you see OCAPP, APP the software is loading into your box.