Problems watching amazon prime

While watching amazon prime on any of our TVs it constantly stops or skips. Is this a problem with the internet service or amazon itself?


Re: Problems watching amazon prime

How is your TV connected to the internet? If it's wifi you may have a bad signal in your house.


Re: Problems watching amazon prime

I watch Prime all the time without issue. It sounds to me like you have a signal issue, whether it be a physical coax problem or wifi interference.

  • What devices are you having the issue?
  • How are they connected?
  • Is Prime the only app you have an issue with or are there others as well?
  • What is your setup? (How is the coax routed from the main line on the side of your house to the modem and router? Splitters? Length of coax runs? etc.)
  • Are all coax connections tight and any exposed coax free of any noticable damage?
  • Post the modems signal levels and event log. Could be an obvious issue.
Spectrum Employee

Re: Problems watching amazon prime

1. Definitely post the signal issues and what was asked for above.

If the set up and modem signal issues all look good that’s step one, and something you can’t control on your end, but want to monitor so that you can reach out to spectrum if it’s the cause of the issue so those details are the first and most important step in t.shooting.

2. If the setup (coax, connections, signal levels and equipment) look okay, the next step is definitely what’s posted above as what devices are you experiencing the issue on? Only that one device or multiple? Only the one app or multiple?

If only the one app, and on one or sometimes multiple devices, it’s an app issue. That’s not on spectrums end .. Which could mean the app needs to be updated or the compatibility isn’t up to par, it’s requirements don’t meet, etc.
try an uninstall of the app, restart of your device (tv/phone etc) then reinstall the app. Does the help at all?
Try streaming from a computer if you’re already streaming on a tv. Same issue? If not it’s the app..
if so:..

And..If on multiple devices, and multiple apps/ anything network related, it could be an intermittency issue, and if setup and signal issues are fine it could be : A.) how you are connected, wireless? (WiFi router) hardwired to a router via Ethernet cable? Or hardwired directly to the modem? Rare but still possible!
B.) settings within the equipment which can be handled by spectrum if renting equipment, or the manufacturer/ yourself if you own your equipment. C.) interference .. does it only happen sometimes? Do you have many devices connected to WiFi? Or to your router? Are there many wireless devices between the router and the streaming device? (Even a microwave, Alexa, wireless speakers, keyboards, your mouse, basically anything that sends out signals of any kind?

3. If hardwired to a router or modem, run a speed test. Speed Are you getting anywhere close to what you’re subscribed to for your dl speed?
If you aren’t, it may be your speeds.

Many contributing factors but more info needed. Could be a super easy fix that you won’t have to think about anymore if easily resolved!

Hope this helps a little!?