Problems recording CBS News Sunday Morning

I record things on my DVR daily.  I have CBS News Sunday Morning scheduled to record the series.   Frequently it shows that it's recording but it isn't.  So I stop the supposed recording (it shows a red dot) and restart and it says it's recording but it still doesn't record.  It shows in my list of DVR recordings until the show is over when it disappears because  nothing has recorded.  This has happened off and on for over a year but only consistently with this series!  I have called Spectrum (and formerly TWC) and they just have me reboot but it doesn't help the next time.  I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem and if it's possibly a network issue?

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Re: Problems recording CBS News Sunday Morning



DVR issues that are not resolved by rebooting the device are likely equipment issues and usually require replacing the device.  You can replace the DVR by visiting a local store.  


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Re: Problems recording CBS News Sunday Morning

As I replied before, This may be a non recordable program by the copyright holder. It could also be a bad DVR or Bad signal levels on that channel...

 Hold in select for 10 seconds, hit the up arrow. what is the CBS ch's s/n and level compared to a channel that records fine.