On Demand Issues

I used to be able to pause an on demand program and resume play. Now if I pause it longer than a couple of minutes, the program starts over and won't let me resume.  On the channels where fast forward is not available this is ridiculous!  Today we started to watch FEUD: Joan and Bette. After watching 20 minutes, I had an important phone call - when I returned to the TV, it would not allow us to resume from where we left off.  I don't have time to re-watch the same 20 minutes. Why is this happening?  You need to fix this asap, or let us be able to fast forward through ALL programing.

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Re: On Demand Issues

If you are pausing you should be able to resume where you left off, depending on

how long you leave the box idle.  


I would suggest unplugging the power to the cable box for about 1 minute and 

then plugging it back in for reboot.


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Re: On Demand Issues

I am having the same problem.  This wasn't an issue until Spectrum took over TWC.  The resume feature ALWAYS worked before this.  I have rebooted my box several times since this started an it has yet to be corrected.  You need to stop telling people to re-boot and fix this issue.