Modem requirements for digital reciever?

I picked up a new digital reciever from spectrum for my second tv today. After getting it hooked up we called customer support to activate it. The CSR told us we could NOT have both boxes activated because our VOIP modem wasn't capable of supporting our internet plan, so we would need a new modem before we could activate the new TV box. No joke.

Now, the modem we have came from TWC before the merger. We don't have a problem with trading it in, but I don't understand what the modem has to do with activating the reciever. It's not like the reciever connects to the modem, it's connected directly to the cable line.

None of this makes any sense to me. Could someone explain why my modem is preventing us from activating the reciever that we didn't even need untill the signal got encrypted?
Spectrum Employee

Re: Modem requirements for digital reciever?

Good evening,


Sorry to hear that you are having an issue activating that second set top box.  Sounds like you have upgraded your account to not only adding a second set top box, but a new internet plan, and that internet plan is not supported by your current modem. 


The order for all of that is written together, and they are unable to upgrade the services seperately.  Also they don't want you to be subscribed to a higher internet speed than what your equipment can handle, and thus be paying for something that you can not get. 


Now you should have been offered to have one shipped to you, or to pick one up at your nearest store. I hope that clarifies what is going on, and that you are able to take advatage of the higher internet speeds with that new modem. 


If you have any further questions, there are other customers here that can help. I will too. I answer questions on my time off, as I am a customer also. 




Re: Modem requirements for digital reciever?

The funny thing is, we were over paying for our TWC plan and was able to get faster internet with a new plan for around 50$ less than our old plan. So, your saying that they won't turn on the new reciever untill we upgrade the modem because we have a new internet plan?

I wish the person that set us up with the new plan had told us we needed a new modem before we picked up the reciever. That way we could have picked up the modem too. When we called to activate, they offered to send us a new modem, but we elected to pick it up tomorrow figuring it would be faster than waiting for a delivery.

I just don't get why they couldn't turn on the reciever in the meantime. Than we could've had our other TV up and running untill we picked up the modem.