Incorrect / Wrong Time on Cable Box

The Arris cable box didn't adjust for daylight savings time. There's no way to manually change the time, that I could see.

Do we just have to wait for someone at Time Warner to realize this and change the time at HQ?

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Mine here in NE.Oh is correct.


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Good afternoon. Has the cable box been rebooted since you noticed the time was 



If you will unplug the power to the box for about one minute and then plug that 

back in that should update the time. If it does not please contact us directly 

at Forums_Help with your account number or your primary telephone number

and verification of your street address. Thank you!

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Re: Incorrect / Wrong Time on Cable Box

FYI for all readers in this topic:


The set-top box time is set through our controller/server at the hub. The customer does not have the ability to change the time. The time should not be off by more than 2 minutes. If it is off by more than 2 minutes:

1. Verify the coaxial connections on the back of the set-top box and at the wall outlet are tight.

2. Reboot the set-top box.
3.  If the problem is still not corrected, contact us to schedule a Trouble Call (a repair appointment)

4.  The field tech that runs the TC can determine if this is a local coax wiring issue or something that needs to be forwarded to maintenance or a hub tech.


Basically, incorrect time display means there's some sort of communication difficulty and the box has lost synchronization with the server.

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