How to Get a box with a clock.- new Samsung

Ok, due to the NEO hurricane force winds that went thru here Sunday, My 4250 box gave up the ghost due to the low line voltage we experienced thanks to a tree burning on the 7600v line before it finally blew the fuse a couple miles away.

So I take the box to the store and they ask me if I have an OLD tv or a new TV...

 I say, what's the difference?

 Clerk replied "old is a CRT, New is a flat screen"...

My answer, " I need a box with the 5 RCA component connectors"

Clerk... " ok that's an old tv' Brings out a new samsung with composite, component and HDM! .

Then Clerk says, " you'll like this, it has a clock like the old 4250 did"

"The small flat screen box doesn't have a clock"

(And yes I run component, It doesn't have HDCP issues With my Sony Bravia...)


 Your luck may vary, yes, the samsung is big,  the same size as the 4250, Does have the same TV power out switched outlet (that I don't want to use) and IR remote codes are still the same as the 4250's